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Popular Credit Score Myths

As i recently began examining my credit history to work out how i could improve my reputation, it occurred to me it may be a good time to write another article on the subject. And a good place to start for me was popular credit score myths, as there are plenty about.  Earnings Dictate A […]

Sticking To A Holiday Budget

Millions of us are hoping that soon we will be able to travel again safely and regain some level of normality. But for many, the need will remain to be adamant about sticking to a holiday budget. So with that in mind, we have revisited an old topic to take a look at ways you […]

Create A Great Home Office

As many of us have had to change our work lifestyle, perhaps for ever, that has meant for millions the need to find a part of the house to work in. And thus a new challenge has emerged. The need to create a great home office. We took a look at what is involved. Have […]

How To Budget With Variable Income

Many people who are employed have no idea what kind of work they will have month to month. A pandemic hasn’t helped matters much. When they don’t know how much money they’ll have, budgeting becomes extremely challenging. It is possible to work out how to budget with variable income? Yes,  but it requires a different […]

Foods You Should Stockpile

We thought we would take a look at another way of prepping for the unexpected things that life may throw at you. We have returned to the kitchen, and elsewhere in the home to examine foods you should stockpile. Why Stockpile? It’s a good idea to keep a modest emergency food supply on hand. If […]

What Counts As A Good Credit Score?

We have looked in the past at credit scores. Usually we examined how to improve them, what effects them and so on. But what we often pass over is the key question of what counts as a good credit score. So we decided to put that right and take a look. What Counts As A […]

Travel Info For Those In UK

Some overseas vacations can again resume in recent times. But there are still significant restrictions in place, and the laws for vacationing are constantly changing. In this atmosphere, bookings that allow for flexibility are essential,. There is still a lot of uncertainty, and travel insurance may not cover coronavirus-related claims. If you’re considering a trip […]

Reasons You Get Into Debt

This is a topic i know all too well. From buying one small item on my first credit card over 20 years ago, i have seen my debt spiral and then found myself in a debt trap. One that i am only beginning to escape in recent times. But why do so many fall into […]

How To Clear Your Overdraft

For those of us with an overdraft, it is never more important to reduce what we have in there, if not get rid of it altogether. Bigger fees are on the way, but when on a tight budget, it can seem like an impossible task. But anything is possible. We took a look at how […]

The Importance Of An Emergency Fund

As the last 18 months has shown, life can throw many obstacles your way, and we cannot know what lies around the corner. You may be comfortably off right now, and in a good job. But that lifestyle is not guaranteed. That is why it is always a good idea to have an insurance for […]

Where To Put Your Savings

Where to put your savings? Well, this is not an article about how to change your finances so that you have enough to put aside some money every month. No, we have discussed that before. We thought it might be useful to advise on what to do once you have spare funds. About how to […]

Why Lenders Offer Varying Interest Rates

There is a misconception with some that a lender offers a set rate to any borrowers they decide to accept for credit. But that is not strictly true. What’s more, any individual can apply for two different loans and get different rates from separate lenders. But why? We examine why lenders offer varying interest rates. […]

The Short Term Loan Process

Same-day, fast, short-term, or cash advance loans are all terms that creditors and borrowers alike use to characterise them. You should not differentiate between these terms because they can all  describe this form of loan. As a result, Moolr has answered some of the most frequently asked questions below about what is involved when looking […]

Tips When Taking On Debt

We all borrow money, both small and huge amounts, at some point in our lives. It enables us to buy houses and automobiles. And we don’t have to save for a lifetime to achieve what we want. However, there are other ways to borrow, and many people fall into a debt cycle as a result […]

The Different Types Of Credit Searches

The lender will almost definitely do a credit check when you apply for a loan. Credit searches can be divided into two categories. First, a ‘soft search,’ followed by a ‘hard search.’ These searches might have a variety of effects on your credit report. It’s important to know the difference between a soft and a […]

How Borrowing Can Affect Credit Scores

The most essential component in your credit is loans, and how you manage them. However, credit is tricky, and depending on your credit situation, you may ask whether loans help or hinder your credit ratings. New and existing debts might have a variety of consequences for your credit. Moolr investigates a frequent query. How borrowing […]

A Look At Interest Rates

When sourcing a loan, a look at interest rates is an integral part of the process, key to everything you do. Because that is the key aspect of whether it is worth your while to take on extra debt. You need to be able to pay it back and get a competitive interest rate. We […]

Pros And Cons of Wedding Loans

While the national average wedding cost of well over £30,000, it is vital to remember that a fantastic wedding may be had on any budget. Saving, prioritising, and keeping to the number you started with are the keys. However, we are not implying that it is always simple. Ideally, you should avoid paying for your […]