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Guarantor Loans And Credit Scores

Guarantor loans and credit scores go hand in hand in many respects. We took a look how this is, and whether those looking for credit should consider such forms of loans. How does a guarantor loan affect my credit rating? Lenders will always tend to run credit checks before deciding whether to accept a customer, […]

Is it difficult to get bad credit loans nowadays?

It Is Never Easy Qualifying for an unsecured loan is extremely difficult with bad credit. However, things still come up. You may need money to consolidate debts, pay for a repair, or cover the tax bill. If you cannot pledge your home as collateral, are there any other ways to cover costs? Are there means […]

A Look At Buy To Let Mortgages

If you are thinking about property for others to live in, Moolr have taken a look at what that involves, and the various steps such a move entails. We took a look at buy to let mortgages. What is a buy to let mortgage and how does it work? A buy to let mortgage is […]

Cheaper Car Insurance For Youngsters

It Doesn’t Have To Be A Minefield Many of us have been there – our children have passed their driving test. They are excited at the thought of getting their first car. And then you see what the insurance costs and wonder how it is even possible to buy anything. Well do not worry, as […]

Can I buy a home if I have bad credit?

One thing is for certain, buying a home when you have bad credit is a difficulty endeavour. However, there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic. It is possible to buy a house with bad credit. And here are 3 reasons why. Check your Credit Score The first thing you need to do before looking into […]

Save Money Booking Holidays

Get more for your buck and spend less on your summer holidays with these clever tips. Summer may be a while off, but many of us are probably already desperate for a holiday. Whether you’re looking for a city-break, a fun-filled family escape, or just a relaxing beach holiday where you can forget all your […]

How to get personal loans with bad credit and no co-signer?

If you are thinking about how to get personal loans with bad credit, then Moolr are here to help, with a simple guide to what you can do to help. Improve your Score If this is not an emergency, the first step to get personal loans with bad credit is to improve your credit score. […]

How to Rebuild & Fix your Credit Score

What steps can be taken to fix your credit score? It’s a question we are asked a lot here at Moolr, but what can you do? Give yourself far better interest rates, as well as more chance of being able to take out a loan. It is possible. Find out when you read on how […]

4 Ways to Borrow a Small Amount of Money

It is normal to borrow money. We have all done it at some time or another, and almost all of us are repaying finance right now. It might be a loan, a mortgage, a new car or many other things. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Many need to borrow in the short-term, when […]