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Bad credit loan applications explained

The term ‘bad credit loan’ is often used in the lending world. Some of us fear it, some of us don’t understand it. And some of us think that it’s a phrase used to put people off borrowing money. In this latest blog, we address these differing views. Moolr explain exactly what a bad credit […]

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The Key To Saving Up Money? It’s Never Easy, But It Can Be Done

The key to saving money? It can be done! Who wouldn’t want a constant supply of spare money in the bank? Sounds great, but for many of us, merely a pipe dream. The easy way would be to get a nice job paying a six-figure sum each year, but back in reality, it is an […]

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Should Debts Be Consolidated?

Britons have never been more in debt than right now, and many if not most of us hold debts in various forms. This could be from mortgages to loans, from credit cards to overdrafts. For many of us, it is hard to keep track when holding various debts in various formats. This is where debt […]


Money, Loans & All Things Finance: A Glossary

A look at some of the common terms used when discussing loans, financial products and money in general… A Acceptance Rate This is the percentage of customers who lenders accept for a loan or credit card. Of those the lenders approve, they must offer the advertised rate to at least two thirds, known as the […]

Piggy Bank on Money

Financial Tips: How To Save AND Make Money

I’ve never been good at saving money – in fact I’ve never saved any. I’ve not been frugal either, blindly trusting in my energy company, cable provider and other companies to charge me the “going rate”. The situation only changed bizarrely after getting a bit of a pay rise. When I had more money at […]

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Why There’s No Shame In Taking Out A Short Term Loan

It is natural to feel that by borrowing money you have somehow “failed”. That by having to ask for financial help you have somehow let yourself, or others, down. I would argue very differently, especially considering that virtually all of us are currently paying back borrowed money anyway. There is no shame in taking out […]

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Credit Ratings: The Factors That Will Contribute Towards Your Score

Credit ratings or scores are a constant source of frustration and even anxiety to millions of us. This is especially so in our culture of borrowing and debt. It also mystifies many people, who don’t truly understand the mechanics of a credit rating. They also do not comprehend the full details a credit report contains. […]

Bills, Bills, Bills | Here’s How You Can Reduce Yours For Good

It’s that time of year again. The time of festive cheer, drink, food and family is long gone and now it’s time to pay for it all. An expensive time of the year, and for those struggling to make ends meet, extremely stressful. For some, the fear of what falls through the letterbox every morning […]

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Bank Overdrafts: Are They The Best Option For Anyone?

Overdrafts. A term we’re all familiar with, and a banking facility millions of us utilise every year, often with barely a second thought. But with all the options available to us for accessing extra funds, from short-term loans to credit cards to new accounts, are we right to? Authorised overdrafts, those agreed with your bank, […]

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The Financial Conduct Authority’s Next Target: Credit Card Companies

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is fresh from probing the headline-grabbing Payday Loan industry. It is now focusing on a new target – credit cards. Research has been released from the organisation. It discovered that it is a sector of the financial market that not all customers are happy with. The FCA Remit This is […]

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The Implication of Loans For Bad Credit Histories

It is often believed that loans for bad credit specifically, are going to come with an unfairly high APR. Here we discuss the considerations of bad credit loans. At Moolr, we specialise in short term loan lenders who offer loans for those of us with all types of credit history. When considering the implication of the bad […]

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12 month loans vs payday loans

In this article, we discuss how 12 month loans can help spread the financial burden. We compare the loans with what people perceive to be more accessible payday loans. Bad Publicity Criticism has been widespread for payday loans in recent years. This is mainly due to the seemingly high-interest rates. Whilst on the surface, this […]