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How To Filter Out Bad News

  It has been a tough year for everyone. We have had to deal with unprecedented times. There has been grief and huge financial problems for many. Health issues and worries for the future for others. But what has not helped is the daily barrage of negative news, that has just made us feel even […]

How To Keep On Top Of Cleaning

I saw an interesting thread on Twitter yesterday. About tips for those that struggle mentally to get things done during lockdown, and in general. I certainly do need to fire myself up to keep on top of things around the house. And often i fail. So it got me thinking about writing down some of […]

How To Borrow The Right Amount

In the latest in our series of articles looking at the process and decision making involved in taking out a short term or flexible loan, we took a look at how to borrow the right amount. Because it is crucial that you get this decision right before proceeding with any credit agreement. How To Borrow […]

The Importance Of Loan Repayment Periods

If you ever consider taking out a loan to cover unexpected costs or an important repair, then a key decision you must make is how to repay what you borrow. And by this i mean how long you need to pay it back, and how you factor that into existing costs. We thought it wise […]