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UK Borrowing Hits New Lows

UK Borrowing Hits New Lows Late June 2018, and The Bank of England was in the spotlight as its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) met to set interest rates. While borrowing costs probably won’t change, the City as always looks for hints. Hints that the long-awaited hike could come in August.The key issue is whether the […]

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Understanding Financial Jargon – A

At Moolr we know that sometimes, the financial jargon can be difficult to understand. In this series of blogs, we will explain some of the most common terms so that you can be in the know instead of out in the cold. A Acceptance rate This is the rate at which customers are successful in […]

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A Look At Collection Agencies

It is not a nice topic to discuss, but real life throws up uncomfortable situations for us all. Moolr commit to sourcing competitive finance deals for all. However, we only look to accept those that are confident in making timeous repayments on any loan. Nevertheless, we all suffer from unforeseen circumstances sometimes. Occasionally, some borrowers […]

The 10 Best Money Saving Sites On The Internet – Part 2

I recently looked at 10 great money saving sites on the internet for those looking towards cutting costs – the page can be found here. Well there are more! I’ve listed another 10 great sites below that could help with money saving, and with very little effort too. See how you can improve your monthly […]


The Bailiffs: Collecting the debts

The word bailiff has the ability to strike fear into the hearts of many borrowers across the country. If you owe somebody money, or if somebody owes you money, one of the many ways to collect that money is through the use of bailiffs. What are they though? A bailiff is a person or persons […]

10 best money saving sites

The 10 Best Money Saving Sites On The Internet

Money saving sites can be a quick and easy way to help our money situation. With many feeling the pinch of austere times in the UK right now, with no improvement on the horizon, here at Moolr we thought it may be a good idea to look at some of the best sites on the […]