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What is digital currency?

So, what is digital currency? You may have heard about Bitcoin or Ethereum. These digital currencies are not regulated by any central bank service or government. They are digital and exist only in data format – you never hold them in your hand. These electronic currencies are becoming increasingly popular due to their high levels […]

Redundancy And Debt

Redundancy & Debt – A Stressful Time Losing your job can be a stressful, emotional event that often forces severe lifestyle changes on an individual and their family. It can also have a devastating effect on a person’s finances. Debts can rise significantly as a result. Redundancy and debt go hand in hand for many, […]

A Look At Credit Cards

We all know about credit cards. We all think we know everything about them too. They are a staple of life in the UK and much of the world. However, it still helps to reassess their impact and their uses sometimes, so that is what we have done at Moolr. We’ve taken a look at […]

Things You Shouldn’t Buy With A Short Term Loan

Short term loans used to commonly have another name, when dealing with loans of 1 month or under. I refer to payday loans. Payday loans have attracted much criticism in recent years in the media. However, they served an important purpose in the financial market, and are crucial to many when struggling for funds. With […]

How you can budget for your first flat

For some people, getting your first flat can be a stressful affair. At Moolr, we know that sometimes you need quick cash loan to secure that mortgage or upfront-rental payment. We have prepared a few helpful tips to help you budget for your first flat. 1. Find your ideal rent rate If you need to […]

What Are Secured Loans?

Like Any loan, Secured Loans Come With Pros And Cons Secured loans, which are also sometimes referred to as homeowner loans due to their connection to property, are a way of borrowing larger amounts of money for lower charges than usual. This is achieved by using an asset as collateral on the loan – usually […]

Eliminating Credit Card Debt

Eliminating Credit Card Debt – A Look At Various Options Many of have been there, many of us are still there – never-ending credit card debt that never seems to go away, however hard you try. You use introductory offers, you move money between cards, but the debt never goes, hanging over your head all […]

Tips To Beat Debt

Tips To Beat Debt – A Look At Various Options Review your financial situation If looking at tips to beat debt, this should always be the starting point, especially for someone struggling with debt. Looking to make changes so that there is light at the end of the tunnel. So to begin, gather together as […]