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What are the best ways to get a small loan?

Just because you need a bit of extra cash, that does not mean that you need to borrow thousands of pounds. Often, a few hundred pounds, borrowed over a short period, is all you need to get you out of a sticky, here we run through the options that you have available if you […]

How to Apply for a Payday Loan with Bad Credit?

In this day and age bad credit is seen as nothing but constant doom and gloom. According to plenty of people it essentially means you can’t pay for anything from a holiday to being able to pay for pills, or at least that’s how it is painted. But what if it was possible to apply […]

The Difference Between Short Term Loans And Payday Loans

Short term loans vs payday loans – there are lots of choices out there for you if you want to borrow money and pay it back quickly. But what are the main differences between short term loans and payday loans, well that is what we are going to be answering in our latest blog. The […]

How to get Car Finance with Bad Credit

So, the question we are answering in this week’s blog is a simple one. How to get car finance with bad credit. Or to rephrase, to ask the following: Can you get car finance with bad credit? Well, here are a few ways that you can do just that. Improve your Credit Rating This has […]