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Exercise Without Breaking The Bank

I think it’s fair to say that we all want to be very fit. Some people put in a lot of effort to do so, but while exercise does not have to be expensive, many people do spend a lot of money to stay in shape. However, if you’re on a tight budget, it can […]

Renter Rights

Knowing your tenancy rights can be extremely beneficial,. From deposit protection and safety standards to the length of notice your landlord must provide you before evicting you.The government puts in place numerous rules to protect you if you rent a house in the private sector. Knowing your rights as a renter can be extremely beneficial. […]

Legally Pay Lower Tax

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “This is too good to be true.” That’s all right. That’s what I’d think as well! Nonetheless, there are perfectly legal ways for people to reorganise their finances and pay less tax. Let’s take a look at some strategies to legally pay lower tax. Legally Pay Lower Tax – Pension […]

Things For Renters To Consider In 2022

There are numerous things for renters to consider in 2022, as the property market changes, as does many of our futures. We took a look at what people looking for accommodation should consider before taking the plunge. Things For Renters To Consider – Anti Covid Measures The government has issued new recommendations to help prevent […]

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

It is, without a doubt, the most pressing issue facing the world today. The subject of climate change and what we can do as humans to stop it. With this in mind, we’ve looked at some ways to lower your carbon footprint. Its reduction is a critical component in averting additional global temperature rises.  On […]

Why The Cost Of Living Is Rising

You have probably noticed that the cost of living has increased significantly wherever you are in recent times. And it is set to get much worse. There are multiple reasons for this, and we decided to examine the root causes. Here is why the cost of living is rising. Why The Cost Of Living Is […]

Buy To Let Mortgages Explored

If you’re considering about renting out your property to others, Moolr has looked at what it includes and the numerous stages that such a move implies. We looked at –  buy to let mortgages explored. Buy To Let Mortgages Explored – What Are They? A buy to let mortgage is for people who want to […]

Protecting Your Credit Card

everyone Your credit card comes with built-in insurance that will protect you while making specific purchases. Not everyone is aware of this. When you spend more than £100, the insurance kicks in. The terms and conditions automatically protect you legally. So don’t worry if you receive a damaged item, one that isn’t as advertised, or […]

How To Run A Successful Remote Meeting

Remote meetings are becoming more common as more organisations adapt in covid times. But the truth is that we’ve been doing these for a long time, long before the pandemic! Consider old-school conference calls. You’d put a phone on speaker in the middle of a table and have on-site people assemble around it. Technology has […]

Why Are Energy Prices Rising So Much?

As you may be aware, the UK, along with many other countries, is in the middle of an energy crisis, that is only set to get worse. Experts state that 4 million households in the UK already struggle to pay their energy bills. Once energy price caps end in April 2022, energy firms will hugely […]

Make Cash From eBay

Everyone is familiar with eBay. Have you considered how eBay might be able to assist you financially? Moolr has looked at how to get the most out of eBay as a seller and as a customer. As a result, you’ll be in a better position to figure out how to make cash from eBay. Make […]

Which Mortgage Is For You?

The mortgage market in the United Kingdom is by far the most important and largest of all financial markets. After all, the United Kingdom has 11.1 million of them. This market in the United Kingdom is valued at more than £1.3 trillion. In terms of the quantity lent and the total value of outstanding loans, […]

Creating A Savings Plan

For many of us, every penny counts right now. But it is also important if possible to save money should you need it. This could be for an emergency or a holiday. Whatever your needs, a bit of planning can see you get some money put aside. We took a look at creating a savings […]

Move House Without Breaking The Bank

I recently had to move house, and as most of you will know, it was a stressful process. It also threatened to be a very expensive one too. But with little money to spare, i was determined to make the move as cheap as possible. Here’s what i learned, and some tips on how to […]

Budgeting On A Low Income

There’s no doubting that the events of 2020 and 2021 have had a significant financial impact on the majority of us. The global economy is in a depression, and the UK entered recession for the first time in 11 years in August. If you’re one of the many people who has had their income impacted […]

Loan Myths

Have you ever considered taking out a loan but been put off by what people have told you? There are numerous myths surrounding loans and credit cards. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the most common ones so you can make an informed decision. It’s important taking the time to learn how loans […]