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How Does Sport Boost The UK Economy?

How Does Sport Boost The UK Economy? So another World Cup is over, England falling just short in the end, but doing their country proud with a semi-final appearance. For much of the tournament the mood was great in England, if not elsewhere in the UK! But how does sport boost the UK economy as […]

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation loans are credit taken to consolidate a person’s debts into one convenient monthly payment. Often people have debts spread out over multiple platforms. It makes sense to instead make one easy monthly payment to a single source. Is A Debt Consolidation Loan Right For Me? That depends entirely on personal circumstances. What suits […]

Three Free Things to do in London

When the money is tight, you may need to think about what you can do to stretch it a little further. If a payday loan or lending is not the right option for you, that is understandable. Perhaps therefore you should consider what things you can do for free that will still bring a little […]

Could switching energy suppliers save you hundreds?

Could switching energy supplier save you hundreds? We look at the process, and how you could benefit from it. Energy Costs On The Rise It’s no secret that energy costs are on the rise as suppliers begin to charge more. This is in the wake of the Brexit unrest and a fluctuating energy market. While […]

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The world’s most expensive food

So, you’re a food lover and you decide to delve into the delicatessen. The art of fine dining, one that appeals to you. Thus, you want to experience the worlds most expensive dishes for yourself. So you take out a long-term loan for your adventure.  Here are three of the most expensive food for you […]

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How Currency has Changed

Throughout the years, currency has changed and become different to what we experience in the modern age. The item that you hold has changed from the origins of currency when commerce was the trade in livestock and tools. The Early Years Initially, people purchased products or services with other services and products. A blacksmith might […]

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The Story of Money

Money talks in more than one way. It’s a simple fact that when you have a lot of money, you can make it talk for you with all sorts of different methods of spending.  Yet, have you ever wondered for a moment, what sort of story does your money tell about you? Each banknote, coin […]