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Should you be using mobile banking?

Technology The use of technology and smartphones is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives. Should you be making use of mobile banking to keep track of your finances? That’s a decision best left to you. However, mobile banking is becoming more secure. This is thanks to the implementation of fingerprint biometric scanners and facial […]

A Look At Logbook Loans

What Are Logbook Loans? Logbook loans or “log book loans” refer to a type of loan whereby an individual can borrow up to £50,000. This loan is secured against their vehicle. Whether the vehicle is a car, motorbike or van, you are required to supply the lender with a logbook (also known as a V5 […]

A Look At Guarantor Loans

What is a guarantor loan? Guarantor loans are an unsecured loan ranging from £500 to £7,500 with a repayment period anything up to five years. The loan differs from other as it relies on someone close to the borrower. This could be a partner, friend or relative, “guaranteeing” the loan. If you cannot pay your […]

A Look At Savings Accounts

For those that have managed to put some money aside, savings accounts are a great way to look after your money, and earn some more on top of what you have saved. Moolr have looked at some of the commonest types of accounts on the market. What is a savings account? For those who have […]