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What Are ISAs?

ISAs are something i have heard mention many times without really knowing much about them. As someone who struggles to earn enough to put money aside, i assumed they were of little concern to me, But what are ISAs? We decided to take a deeper look. What is an Individual Savings Account (ISA)? An ISA, […]

What is Long and Short Term Debt?

When you borrow money from a bank, lender, financial institution or utility provider, this can be termed as a debt. You retain these until you pay them back. There are a number of different types of debt, with different lengths of time defined by lenders until you have to pay the money back. Debts can […]

Who can be a guarantor on a loan?

A poor or limited credit history could affect your ability to obtain a personal loan. However, if you can find a friend or family member to act as your guarantor, you may still be able to borrow money. These have a specific name – so we thought it good to examine who can be a […]

Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance is one of those costs that we could really do without. An extra cost that can be huge, and really push up the costs of running a vehicle. There are many factors that determine how much you will need to pay for insurance. We took a look at factors that affect car insurance […]

How Marriage Allowance Works

Many of us will have little idea about marriage allowance, or that it even exists. For many of us, it does not matter! But for those that are married, this allowance can be very useful indeed. We take a look at how marriage allowance works. How Marriage Allowance Works Marriage Allowance permits you to transfer […]

National Insurance Explained

I reckon National Insurance is something we all have heard about, but know little about. Do many of us know why we pay it, or where the money goes? Until researching this, i am sad to say i did not.  Here we delve deeper and see what is involved. This is National Insurance explained. What […]

Income Tax Explained

We all know what income tax is. Or at least we think we do. It is clearly tax paid on what we earn, but so many of us do not really know the finer details. We don’t know what we pay and why. Or how it is worked out. Read on to see income tax […]

Home Equity Advantages & Disadvantages.

  Home equity release is an option many homeowners may be considering right now. The access to funds in a property must be tempting to those that need access to money. However, it is a big step to take, and should be researched thoroughly before proceeding.  We took a look at some home equity advantages […]

How To Save Money By Spending Money

How to save money by spending money? That doesn’t seem to make much sense? And yet sometimes you really can spend money in order to make it. It just might be further down the line that you really see the benefits. We take a look at some of the ways it can be done. How […]

Mistakes People Make When Paying Off Debt

Many think that paying off debt is a simple process. You take spare funds, and pay it off. Simple. And yet it is not that simple for many, especially those with multiple debts or changeable income. We took a look at mistakes people make when paying off debt. Mistakes People Make When Paying Off Debt […]

Advice If You’re Struggling To Pay Bills

The UK lockdown and the effect it has had on the economy will naturally leave millions struggling to meet financial commitments. This may be in the form of mortgage or rent payments or simply covering utility costs. So what can you do? We put together some advice if you’re struggling to pay bills. Check If […]

Why You Should Consider a Short Term Loan

Short term loans are very popular in the UK, offering a simple and fast way to cover a gap in household or personal budgets. Whether you are having a tough month in terms of budgeting, or you are finding yourself facing an unexpected expense, there are many reasons why you should consider a short term […]

Different Versions Of Loans

They say there are a few things in life we can count on, death and taxes. If you are in the banking or the financial industry, you can also count on loans and lending. Loans and lending money out, and also people paying money in, are the foundations of banking. But there are many different […]

The Personal Loan Process

Whilst millions of us have taken out loans at some point or other in our lives, many do not fully understand the process of doing so. Maybe time has dimmed our memories, or we jumped at the first product we saw. We decided to examine the personal loan process. The Personal Loan Process – Who […]

Is Debt Consolidation A Good Thing?

It has been a while since we have discussed debt consolidation. And whilst we have broached this subject before, it is always good to revisit and reconsider every now and again. With that in mind, we ask: is debt consolidation a good thing? Is Debt Consolidation A Good Thing? – What Is It? As the […]

Ways To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt. A blight on many of our lives. We spend all our spare funds on trying to pay them off, and half our time worrying about them. Those that say money doesn’t bring happiness have not had to deal with spiralling debt. So what can you do about it? We look at ways […]

Steps To Take To Improve Financial Discipline

I am sitting here typing, but my mind is elsewhere. I am thinking about buying a jacket for £80. I need a thin jacket, but as I rarely leave the house under a lockdown, it is hardly essential. And it does not have to cost £80. But after the discipline of early lockdown, cabin fever […]

Insurance Advice

We all have insurance in some shape or form. I have contents insurance on my flat, and home insurance too. I am considering getting pet insurance should I get a cat in the near future, so that I am not hit with a sudden huge cost. But there are many elements of cover that most […]

More Budgeting Tips

In our latest instalment of a series of articles examining how we can budget and make what we earn go as far as possible, we focus more on debt. Here are some more budgeting tips.  Pay Off High Interest Debt First Or more to the point, the highest interest debt of all. This is logical […]

Some Useful Budgeting Tips

As many of us have to jiggle our finances and make detailed plans to get by during these difficult times, we decided to take another semi-regular look at some useful budgeting tips. These are general things to consider in your house and with your finances that may not be obvious at first glance. Put Pay […]