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The Key To Creative Thinking – Part 2

In the second and final part of our series, we take a further look at the key to creative thinking, with more ideas on how to be productive.

Take breaks

Step away from a problem or task for a while to give your mind time to subconsciously process and generate creative ideas. Do not tire your mind out, or you will achieve little.

Creative Thinking – Collaborate

Share your ideas with others and seek input from diverse sources to expand your thinking. This has held me back in the past, as i felt i had all the best ideas. I also did not want to derail my “vision”. I was wrong. Even bouncing ideas off someone can be very productive. They will come up with ideas and find flaws where you may not notice them. Fresh eyes and ears helps.

Embrace failure

Understand that not all creative ideas will work, and failure is often a part of the creative process.

Mindset shift

Transition from a fixed mindset (belief that abilities are fixed) to a growth mindset (belief that abilities can be developed through effort and learning).

Constraints as catalysts

Sometimes limitations or constraints can inspire more creative solutions. Embrace constraints as opportunities rather than obstacles.

Visual thinking

Use drawings, diagrams, and visual aids to represent ideas and problems in a different way.

Creative Thinking – Solitude

Spend some time alone to reflect and brainstorm, as solitude can encourage deep thinking and creativity. I used to lie down in a dark room. As long as i did not fall asleep, ideas soon began to flood my brain.

Continuous learning

Keep acquiring new knowledge and skills to provide more building blocks for creative thinking.

Cultivate a creative environment

Surround yourself with inspiration, whether it’s art, nature, or creative people, to keep your mind open to new ideas. Creativity should follow.

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