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Sourcing A Bargain Holiday

There is hope that slowly in 2021, the world will return to normal. And with that, people will rush to go on holiday. But what will the holiday market look like? Will prices be sky high due to demand, or will there be many great deals? Only time will tell, but we thought it a good time to look at tips for sourcing a bargain holiday.

Sourcing A Bargain Holiday – Negotiate!

Negotiation is the lifeblood of the travel industry. Its products are time-sensitive, and they need turnover to survive. And of course circumstances helped deprive them of that over the past year. Consider this – a room left empty one night or an airline seat that not filled can never be resold. The moment has passed.  So consider this when searching for a last-minute bargain. You hold the cards when dealing with tour operators, travel agents and hotels.

Pick Dates & Times With Flexibility 

If you are booking your travel independently, ensure sure you get a full breakdown of prices using a website such as Skyscanner, or alternatives. They show all prices for available flights, hotels and more. This depends on your chosen dates. Changing dates can save you hundreds, just by moving one day, so you must be flexible.  Have a mess about and see what you can get. A bit of patience is key. You can halve a price just by moving a few hours and taking on a different airline. You also may get a real bargain if prepared to travel at unsocial times. It is up to you where to find the balance. I have just sourced a flight to Turkey in June for just £166 return. The return flight departs at 4am however. 

Consider An Indirect Flight

And inconvenience seems key to a bargain sometimes! Hanging around an airport departure hall when you could be on the beach might sound ridiculous, but if you’re really pinching the pennies, it’s something to consider. Indirect flights can knock a huge amount off your flight, just like buying train tickets around the UK! So again you must decide what lengths you will go to in order to save money. I try to find a balance in the middle. And am not prepared anymore to use indirect flights.

Sourcing A Bargain Holiday – Travel During Half-Term

The alternative to taking a family summer holiday is to travel in October instead of the summer. Consider how prices are hiked in school holidays and other specific times of the year. Try and avoid such times at all costs. Because it is simply extortion from holiday companies looking at some of the prices charged. Again flexibility is key.

Sourcing A Bargain Holiday – Direct Contact

Cut out the middle man. Especially if you have stayed at a place you like in the past, contact them. Barter, and get a price from them. Many will be happy to accept custom right now, and with no fees to pay to middlemen, they can surely offer a better deal. Avoid package deals and source prices for every part yourself. You often pay for convenience, but sorting yourself is an hour’s work at most.


A final suggestion is to cut the costs once there. Do not throw money at every activity, but do your own research. Walk around your location, and find the best parts off your own back. Eat at your place of residence occasionally to cut costs, and resist the pointless holiday memorabilia that ends up in a drawer! 


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