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Tips To Reduce Motoring Costs

With costs rising across the board, we decided to take a look at another area where you may be able to save money. Here are some tips to reduce motoring costs.


Third-party insurance is the bare minimum of coverage required to lawfully drive on the road.

It’s not where you end up after a wild night out — it’s a sort of insurance that protects you against damage to another car (or someone else’s property). It also covers passengers in your automobile and the general public, but not fire or theft.

It used to be the cheapest type of coverage, but for certain people, fully comprehensive policies are actually less expensive. This is because choosing completely comp may indicate that you are a reduced risk.

Tips To Reduce Motoring Costs – Fuel

Use the free online tool to locate the cheapest unleaded, diesel, super unleaded, or premium diesel near you before you fill up your tank. After you’ve registered, type in a postcode, town, or city, and how far you’re willing to travel, and it’ll show you the cheapest forecourts in the region.

Vehicle Tax

In 2014, paper tax discs were phased out. While you are no longer required to display one, you must still tax your vehicle. You could risk a fine of up to £1,000 and have to pay back tax if you don’t. Furthermore, your car may be seized or clamped, in which case you will be charged a £200 release fee plus an additional £21 every day until you pay.

Despite the police using cameras with number plate recognition technology to spot untaxed vehicles, the number of untaxed vehicles on the road has increased since paper discs were abolished, with the most recent figures from the Department of Transport showing there are 634,000 untaxed vehicles on the road.


An obvious option – get a cheaper car. Ask yourself if you really need the vehicle you have. Also consider fuel economy, environmental efficiency and more. Get the cheapest, reliable vehicle.

Avoid Premium Fuel

Many gas stations advertise ‘high performance’ fuels, although most conventional cars don’t notice a difference in performance. So, if you want to save money, don’t fill up with super gasoline unless you have a sports car that you’ve been told will use it well.

According to the AA, high-performance fuels are too expensive for most people to use on a regular basis. However, if you’re serious about keeping your engine clean and efficient, it recommends using high-performance fuel every third or fourth tank full, then switching back to regular fuel.

Tips To Reduce Motoring Costs – Driving Habits

It is possible to travel the same distance in the same amount of time while consuming significantly less fuel — without reducing top speed. You may be able to save money on gasoline or diesel in the process.
To help you started, here are a few pointers.

Gradually increase the speed while avoiding over-revving. More fuel flows when you press harder on the pedal. Use less energy to achieve the same speed. Stay under 3,000 rpm as a general guideline.

Drive in the proper gear, as high as possible without overworking the engine.

Slowly, like nature intended. Allow your car to naturally slow and use its stored momentum rather than braking constantly.

Consider the position of the vehicle on the road. All of this necessitates a high level of road awareness. You’ll be able to plan ahead and go more gently if you’re more awake.

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