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How To Podcast Like A Pro

Podcasting is sweeping the world right now. You may think there is too much of it going on, which is a fair point. But personally, it can be a great thing to talk about a passion of yours. So if you are thinking of having a go, here are some tips on how to podcast like a pro.

Prep Work

Don’t even think about releasing a podcast until you are set up and ready to publish shows on a regular basis.  You need to do your research, get your kit prepared, and decide on collaborators, topics, distribution and more. It is quite the undertaking to set up, but once you release a show, it will be well worth it! Here’s things to consider:

How To Podcast Like A Pro – Kit

Ensure you have an external microphone – the Snowball range will work fine and costs around £50. Audio quality is essential you being a success. I used to listen to a great TV review podcast, full of knowledgeable participants and interesting content. But I gave up before long because the audio quality was simply too poor. You also need a good pair of headphones, preferably with no microphone on the lead. Headphones help you avoid echo on the recording.


Different options are available out there, but you need software to edit your show and get it uploaded so that people can listen to your content. I am a Windows user, so I edit files in Audacity, which is free to use. However, as the podcast i do has grown in size, we have started spending money on editing programs. So we use Cleanfeed to record the actual show on, as the quality is excellent and it is easy to use. You just need a computer, a Chrome browser and headphones. And we use Auphonic to process the file and remove anomalies – such as people speaking at different volumes and some background noise. This site charges you by time of recording used. The more you use it, the more you pay, and you buy blocks of time. Usually it is about £10 for 7 hours of recordings that can be processed.

How To Podcast Like A Pro – Subject & Participators

Needless to say that you must find a topic your are passionate about, and decide if you wish to do a podcast alone or with friends or colleagues. It is subjective, but i feel the best podcasts have multiple participants. And have variety of guests too, to keep things fresh. But that is your decision to make. 

How To Podcast Like A Pro – Location

Very important. Make the editing experience as stress-free as possible and the product for the customer as high quality as you can by finding somewhere quiet. You need to find a place without significant background noise. Listeners will soon abandon your podcast if they are irritated by other noises. 

Set Up Social Media

There is no point making the best podcast the world has ever seen if no one knows about it. So before you begin, think about how you will market your product. You need social media presence, and the ability to get your shows out there. Ask those you know to push your social media posts. You may even consider spending a bit of money to get exposure. 

Practice & Prepare

It is best if you have not done a podcast before that you are well prepared when you begin your first recording. We will discuss more in our next article how you can make the actual recording as good as possible, and sound like you have been doing podcasts all your life!

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