Bad Types Of Debt

We all have debt in our lives. It is something that is part of life for most people. However, for some, debt really influences their everyday functions. That is because there is good and bad debt. We take a look at bad types of debt. So What Are Bad Types Of Debt?opens in new window […]

Bankruptcy Explained

Bankruptcy is an issue few wish to discuss. A dirty word, almost. Sadly right now it is a topic that is very much in vogue.  Many are struggling financially right now, for obvious reasons. And for many, the best option may well be to enter into bankruptcy. We took a look at what is involved […]

Smart Financial Habits

Right now we all need some smart financial habits. We need to make our money work as hard as possible. But whatever the current circumstances, it is sensible to have these good habits at all times. They will serve you well. We take a look at some sound ones to adopt. Don’t Compare Yourself To […]

Savings To Make In October

As the seemingly endless restrictions due to a global pandemic continue, many of us find the period especially tough financially. That is why it is always worth regularly looking at what we can all do to help each other get by. And part of that is ensuring we seek out help and make what money […]

How To Lower The Cost Of Christmas

I know what you are thinking. I’m talking about Christmas. In October. But while i am one of those people who hates how Christmas coverage gets earlier every year, for the purpose of this article, i need to discuss it right now.  Because if you want to know how to lower the cost of Christmas, […]

Deciding Your Loan Length

When deciding your loan length, there are many considerations to make before deciding the best course. You need to balance the pros and cons of both short term loans and long term loans against your personal circumstances. Let’s take a look at what is involved.  What Is Loan Length? A personal loan term length is […]

The Debt Snowball Method

For many of us, paying off debt is not easy. It is instead a constant struggle. For those that sit down and devise a plan on how to pay off multiple debts, there are numerous options. One of those is called the debt snowball method. We took a look at what is involved. Origins It […]

Questions To Answer Before Borrowing Money

We all borrow money now and again. Many would not live where they do if not. It is normal, and is one of the oldest practices that humans have been partaking in. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. however, debt can be dangerous and harmful. It can lead to stress, financial difficulties and more. […]

A Guide To Tipping

Tipping is a strange system to understand in the UK. Where and when you should feel obliged to tip varies so much it’s hard to know what you should so. We devised a guide to tipping. A Guide To Tipping – Hotels In the UK, most hotel workers don’t expect tips to come their way […]

The Benefits Of Frugality

None of us choose to be frugal. They say money cannot buy you happiness, but I am pretty sure it would improve my mood significantly. Nevertheless, there are benefits to being frugal. An appreciation for the finer things in life, and the basic things too perhaps. We look at the benefits of frugality. Cutting Out […]