Car Boot Sale Tips – Part 2

In my last article, i listed some car boot sale tips. What I didn’t realise as I began was just how many tips there were to list! So with that in mind, I decided to split the advice into two separate blogs. Thus, here is part 2, with a few bonus tips on how to […]

Finance Glossary – E & F

In the latest in the series of looking at financial terms, we tackle the letters E & F. We look at some common terms in this latest look at the finance glossary E & F, terms that often pop up when people are looking to use financial products. Finance Glossary E & F – Economy […]

Christmas Gifts That Give Something Back

It is that time of year again. Loved by some, but not all. For many, as the deadline approaches, thoughts are turning in panic to what presents to get your loved ones. The usual items will always come to mind. But if you are buying for people that already have it all, why not try […]

Festive Jobs To Help Your Finances

It will surprise no one that Christmas can be crippling financially for millions in the UK. The fact is that we put far too much money into one day of festivities, and many end up spending the following year paying for it. Thus many will look for additional work over the Xmas period to help […]

More Ways To Make Money Online

We’ve written plenty of blogs on this site about saving and making extra money, as we feel it important that potential borrowers examine their finances before committing to a loan. And see if they can solve financial worries by being more proactive. But there are endless ways to make money online, and so we’ve out […]

How To Become Carbon Neutral

With all the talk in recent times of the environment and climate change, a big talking point has been the necessity for people to become carbon neutral. It is a phrase bandied about a lot, but many will have little understanding of what it means, or entails. Thus, moolr decided to take a look at […]

The Disadvantages Of Shopping Online

The boon of online shopping has been great news for everyone, bringing choice and greater value into all our homes. But whilst it has undoubtedly helped in many ways what consumers can buy, it is not all good news. Nor is online shopping perfect. Moolr took a look at the disadvantages of shopping online.  Product […]

How To Save On Energy Bills As Winter Approaches

Summer is officially over, though many of us may not have noticed it much anyway! As winter approaches, and the temperature dips further, thoughts turn to heating our homes, and the extra costs involved. It can be a pricey business keeping warm, so with that in mind we wondered what could be done. We took […]

What Is GDP?

You might hear the term a lot when watching the news or reading a newspaper. That term is GDP. But just what is it and how does it affect us in our daily lives, if at all? The UK’s GDP grew by 0.3% in July compared with June, but what does that actually mean? We took […]

Credit Card Protection

The news that Thomas Cook has ceased trading and gone into liquidation has sent shock-waves around the UK and the retail and holiday industries. 9000 staff in the UK will sadly lose their jobs, whilst tens of thousands of holidaymakers find themselves stranded abroad. But what this event has also brought into focus is the […]