New Year Resolutions Don’t Work

It may be a tad late to mention this,but you need to abandon any resolutions you have made. They don’t work. If yours still are, that is great, but the reasons may be different to what you think. and you should not treat them as resolutions, but lifestyle changes. But new year resolutions do not […]

More Ways To Make Money Online

We’ve written plenty of blogs on this site about saving and making extra money, as we feel it important that potential borrowers examine their finances before committing to a loan. And see if they can solve financial worries by being more proactive. But there are endless ways to make money online, and so we’ve out […]

How To Reduce Your Tax Bill

If the title of this blog seems rater too good to be true, then I understand your caution. If only it was that easy to reduce your tax bill after all. Well it is not easy, but there are plenty of legal methods that you may not be aware of. These could rightfully help knock […]

How to Successfully Sell Online

At Moolr we have mentioned in many a blog ideas on how to make a few extra pounds on top of your regular income. Or perhaps even look at a whole new income altogether. How to successfully sell online is an area we have touched on, but not looked into in detail. So with that […]

How To Create Passive Income Sources

There are few better feelings than having money coming regularly without you having to work for it. That doesn’t mean work has never been carried out to earn the money of course. But some income streams can come as a trickle after initial endeavour. This allows you to get on with other work, whilst having […]

Advantages Of Working From Home

Working from home is a state of being for many people in the UK nowadays, as many move away from an office environment. It has its pros and cons, but for many it has been the best thing that they have done. As someone who 3 years ago moved away from the office, I decided […]

Disadvantages Of Working From Home

Working from home is a dream come true for many people, which is understandable considering the many perks it allows. It allows a sense of freedom, flexibility and a release from the stuffy environment of an office situation. However, it is not all perfection when working at home. In fact, it has many drawbacks, and […]