Cheap Tasty Meals – Part 2

In my last blog, I looked at a selection of cheap tasty meals, for those that want to eat well but in a budget. Which I would expect is a lot of people! However, I did not get to cover all of the options available, so I have taken a further look at some meals that will satisfy your stomach without breaking the bank.


Stews are not only a good way to use up spare food in your fridge and larder, they are cheap to make. They are also not complicated and allow you to relax as the meal slowly cooks itself. They are also a great way to get your children to eat vegetables on the sly!


Soups are a great batch food that are filling and can be made with virtually any ingredients. A big bowl of soup goes a long way and can use what you have in your larder so that you do not waste food. With a bit of crusty bread on the side, it can satisfy any appetite. What’s more, soup can be as healthy as you want it it to be. My favourite is tomato soup which is super cheap, and amazingly tasty with just a few select ingredients. If you are feeling extravagant, drizzle a bit of green pesto and creme fraiche on top.

Bangers & Mash!

An old favourite that is a real winter warmer, but that I would happily eat any time of the year. But my twist on what could be a very unhealthy meal has been to switch recently to lower fat veggie sausages. There are some excellent choices out there that are full of taste and act as an acceptable substitute. Add milk instead of butter to your mash too for a meal that will not put pounds on you. 

Frozen Aisle

I am not keen to recommend heavy use of such an aisle, but there is value to be had here. And all without losing out on quality. The main area i would suggest is the frozen vegetable section. You get more for your money compared to fresh vegetables, and quality is not lost on the whole by freezing such items. 

Other Considerations

Sale aisles in supermarkets can be your friend, but it depends on what you are looking to purchase. Every food item has a use by date, but some products do not lose quality until that date. Others do. It’s for you to decide a compromise between freshness and price. Eggs for example will taste fine until they expire, but they are better when fresh. Plenty of food items are perfectly fine though, and bargains can be had. Shape your dinner plans around what is available for less.