Could switching energy suppliers save you hundreds?

Energy Costs On The Rise

It’s no secret that energy costs are on the rise as suppliers begin to charge more. This is in the wake of the Brexit unrest and a fluctuating energy market. While wages are on the rise slowly, they are failing to catch up with increasing costs in energy and groceries. These pressures impact on you and your family. One thing you can do is cut costs by changing energy supplier to somebody that is more affordable. Switching energy supplier does not have to be a stressful affair.

The energy market was deregulated and what you may not know is that apart from the so-called ‘big five’ there are other, smaller companies now available to choose from. You can get some quotations from these companies online, comparing them to your existing supplier and seeing which will be cheaper. Here are just a few ways you can save money with your energy supplier:

1. uSwitch

The most prominent and widely known website is uSwitch, which has branched out from energy into including other industries such as broadband, car insurance, credit cards and more. This is the perfect simple click place to compare current pricing on energy and see what could be better for your home and family.

2. Compare the market

Everyone knows these two fellows, with there quirky advertisements on TV. Should you want to look at switching energy supplier, these two meerkats will give you a hand selecting a better deal as well as providing some special offers and other market comparisons such as broadband and travel. Two for one Meerkat Wednesdays at the cinema anyone?

3. Money supermarket

This is another well-known provider of comparison service, though it’s more known for car and motor insurance. At Money Supermarket, you can also compare prices for energy, holidays, insurance and more. It’s a great service to find some savings.

Is switching energy supplier worth it?

Anyone of these three services can help you to find a better deal. It’s advisable to judge by making use of all the tools available to you for saving money before you pick any single deal though.

Sometimes, although the usual suspects make up most of the energy market they are equally always more expensive than the smaller companies who deal with energy. Some of the cheapest energy deals come from these smaller companies so, to save a little extra, we recommend you look into it.

If you aren’t able to change supplier, whatever the reason, you can look into taking one of our short-term loans to help cover the gap while you make the change.