Cut Your TV Subscription Costs

At Moolr we are passionate about saving people money, be it via competitive loans or through our blog section, jam-packed with ideas on how to make your pennies go further. With that in mind, in the latest of the series, we take a look at how to cut your TV subscription costs.


YouTube is full of great content, including many TV shows and clips, and is particularly good for finding very old TV programmes. As well as all the cat videos, you can also rent movies, so you can watch the latest releases without having to pay a subscription.

BBC iPlayer

Streaming BBC shows from iPlayer mostly qualifies as free, though you will need a TV licence. If you have one, you’ll have access to lots of great content, including any movies that are shown on BBC channels. Most content is available for at least a week or more, so you can catch up on your favourite shows at your leisure.

All 4 

Channel 4’s streaming service is great for TV box sets, with lots of great series available for watching whenever you want. There are recent shows as well as classic series, usually permanently available on the site, though the selection does change from time to time. All 4’s content does feature ad breaks during streaming though, which is what allows them to have their content available for longer.


If classic films and TV is your thing, you’ll find lots of free goodies on This non-profit website has many old films to enjoy for free, as well as TV shows, animation, and documentaries.


A Netflix account allows 5 people to use it, so why not share the costs with friends for subscription services? One of you pay for Amazon Prime, one pay for Netflix, and so on. And before committing to full costs, always take advantage of the trial periods first.

Satellite TV

Check what you are paying and what channels you receive for that. Do you need all the channels? I did this, and realised I was paying for a host of channels that I never watched. I went onto the basic package, saving an extra £7 a month

Threaten To Leave

This is an easy way to save a lot of money. Most satellite deals come with a subscription period. Mine was 18 months. But once that period expires, there is no need for you to keep paying sky-high charges. Phone up your provider and threaten to leave. They will always offer you a reduced bill to keep you, though this will start a new subscription period. I got a full sports package for £3 instead of £27.