Free Weekend Activities

When money is tight, many of us tend to think this severely limits our social lives and what we can do. This is partly true, as many things do of course cost money. But nevertheless, you do not have to restrict your life by being short of funds. There are a thousand things you can do for free, especially at the weekend. We looked at some of the best free weekend activities.

Free Weekend Activities – Book Reading

Read books you already own, swap books with friends or simply use a library near you! There is no better feeling than relaxing with a good book and forgetting life’s problems. There is a tendency to gravitate towards TV during our leisure time, but there has never been a better selection of reading material out there.

Walk/Bike Rides

Free and good for your health! What’s not to like! This depends on your own health and mobility, but most of us live within a short distance from some beautiful scenery, which helps make a walk more enjoyable. 


A forgotten past time for many. But there is a near-infinite number of games to play out there, both by yourself or as a group. My favourite is the card game UNO. Online, I play Scrabble regularly against friends and family. Maybe it’s time to venture into the attic and see what gems are gathering dust up there. Many like the new wave of dancing games, as plenty of us love a good sing-song! And karaoke type activities have never been more accessible in the home.

Free Weekend Activities – Visit People!

Why not use your spare time to catch up and gossip with friends and family? Especially consider those that you haven’t seen for a while. Be proactive and sort out social meet ups and if done in homes, it does not have to cost more than a cup of coffee or a shared bottle of wine.

Find Local Events

In any area in any given weekend, there will be a glut of free events occurring in your area. So go online, join a local Facebook page and see what is going on. From fayres to markets to parents groups and children’s activities, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Go To The Park

I grew up next to Heaton Park, one of the playgrounds in the country! There is so much to do in a park, though it is rather weather dependent. Just go for a walk, relax wit a picnic and a book, or go for a cycle. Larger parks may have additional attractions such as a stately home or a small zoo.