New Year Resolutions on Saving Money

When it comes to the New Year and the cost of Christmas is out of the way, now should be the time to start thinking about your current funding options for the new year. Saving money is a priority for many after an expensive time of the year.

We have come up with a few ways of saving money and some New Year tips to help you along the way and get your financial woes in order. Our top tips will help to assist you with your budgeting for 2018.

Spend Unexpected Income with Care

If you receive any extra cash over the festive season make sure that you spend it wisely and follow the rule of thirds to help your money go further.

Past – Make sure you save a third of your extra cash to be used in helping pay off any outstanding debt, focusing on the smallest debt first. The more small debt you pay off, the less you have to pay overall. Make your new year resolution now, New Year no debts!

Future – Once your finances are back in order, Immediately set aside the time to transfer a third of your income into a savings account each week. A little build up is essential to creating a reserve that will help you in the long run in times of crisis.

Present – Use up the remaining third of your extra money to spend on yourself. Buy something you’ve been waiting a long time for – Treat yourself!

Swap your Credit Card for a Debit Card

We all give in to temptation sometimes. It can be easy to spend your money on credit without keeping a close eye on the money going out of your account. With the festive season soon to be over and the belts tightening, make sure you secure your finances.

A debit card will stop you from overspending. Put your spending money into the debit card account and only top it up every Monday. This will give you the extra consideration of whats in your bank account every time you spend and also help to create some savings.

Drop your Card for Cash

Still struggling? We advise in financial difficulty you should temporarily remove your card and continue with the traditional method. Visit the bank each week to draw out your money from the counter and this will mean putting in extra care and focus into what you take and put into your account. Your bank will be able to order you a replacement when you are ready to return to the cards.

For more information on credit cards, please visit our credit card blog.

Make a Budget and Stick to it!

Create a financial budget. As financial experts we advise that you should implement a financial strategy for the year. Creating a spreadsheet with all of your important details such as ingoing and outgoing transactions as well as savings will help you to manage your money flow and see where the money is going to each year.

For more help on budgeting, we have written a how to beat debt blog.

Take out a Loan

Are you still in financial difficulty?

We are a registered finance company who specialise in lending solutions. As an experienced credit broker, we make it our mission to provide our customers with the best financial choices available from lenders and inform our clients on the available courses of action. Contact us should you need assistance in covering the gap from the holiday period and we can work with you to create a solution by selecting recommended lenders that suit your needs.


As long as you budget your spending and put away any extra money for a rainy day, then your money worries should be no more. If you need any further advice on how to save your money efficiently, then contact your loan provider and they will be more than happy to assist.

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We hope you all have a fantastic New Years, and we will look forward to working with you in the new year!