Save Money In Your Home

We write extensively here at Moolr about saving money and making your pennies and pounds go further. But what better place is there to start than your own home?! WE look at how you can make your property more efficient for you. And for your bank balance. Here’s how to save money in your home.

Save Money In Your Home – Energy Bills

Perhaps the main factor when looking to save money. Millions in the UK stay with one energy provider without ever considering whether they are paying the right price. We would not be so slack with any other things we pay for, yet we let energy prices slide. Shop around, do your research, and see what is out there. Many small companies now offer more competitive prices. Many companies also offer financial inducements to switch. If you have never changed your energy supplier, then the chances are you are paying more than you need to.

Efficiency With Energy

We all probably waste too much energy at some time or another within the home. So give a little extra though to your practices, and whether they are necessary. Only use heating in rooms that need it. For me that is the living room, and nowhere else. Do not waste water – be efficient with tap usage. The same goes for lighting, and consider energy-efficient bulbs and other lighting products. Do not have all your appliances running in the background – for example I changed my Sky box to energy efficient mode in its settings menu. Other options are many – from double glazing, loft insulation to solar energy. All may be worth the expense in the long-term and some may attract government subsidies in certain parts of the UK.

Sell Everything You Don’t Use

If you don’t use something, or get any pleasure from looking at it, you don’t need it. So sell it, and raise some funds for a rainy day or for your savings account. This could be anything, form old phones to DVDs, books, clothes, and more. We are all probably guilty of hoarding to some extent. A good clean out is good for the soul and for the bank balance.

Save Money In Your Home – Monetise Your Home

Do you live near a train station? Or any popular transport network? Do you have a house that could be used in a TV show? A spare room to rent? There are so many ways you can monetise your home. You can rent out your garage or drive to commuters who use a nearby public transport stop. You can make thousands if a TV company thinks your home is suitable for shooting in. You can rent out rooms and make many thousands each year. There are endless possibilities. If the home is empty some of the year, consider renting the entire property out – perhaps via Airbnb? Someone even sold their garden to campers at a nearby music festival recently!

Keep Other Costs Down

Shop around for all the extra costs associated with a property. When insurance deals are up for renewal, see if you can get a better deal. Treaten to cancel with Sky, insurance companies and more, and you will soon see your costs reduce. Shop efficiently. Plan food shops, and avoid waste. Try to create bulk meals to help efficiency further.