Shopping Hacks That Will Save You Money

With most of us stuck at home right now, we increasingly turn to online purchases to get the supplies we require. The convenience of online shopping is a great thing to have, but it comes with its own risks and costs. We take a look at shopping hacks that will save you money.

A hefty shipping cost can really take the edge of your ‘bargains’. If, like us, just the thought of shipping costs make you shiver, we have some handy online shopping hacks to help you dodge them.

Shopping Hacks That Will Save You Money – Buy In Bulk

OK, maybe bulk is not the perfect word. We all saw what happened with toilet rolls after all! Most websites offer free shipping, but usually with conditions, namely purchases over a specified value. So you can see that by ordering more, you can cut additional costs. What’s more, some suppliers will offer items for less the more you buy.

Free Gifts!

If you are close to free shipping, then it may be worth adding an item to your basket as it will cost you nothing, effectively, as it triggers free shipping. If the item you require is offered for a similar price by a number of companies, then shop around, and check the delivery terms and conditions. Ensure you get your item(s) for the cheapest price possible.

Collect in store

If you can, choose to have your order delivered to your nearest store. Most companies offer this service free-of-charge. Thus there’s no need to have to pay for shipping. This is perhaps not the best time to be taking advantage of such a feature, but something to consider for the future.

Discount Tricks

There are many that could help you find discounts and good deals on millions of items.  For example, vouchers can be located by using browser extensions. Download Pouch or Honey. When you shop inline these apps will point you towards the nest deals. There are many other tricks too. Be aware that some says of the week, often Wednesday-Friday are better for deals. Sign up to newsletters so that any deals come to you rather than you having to search them out. Often joining a mailing list comes with a discount for your 1st buy.

Shopping Hacks That Will Save You Money – Think Before You Buy

I am stuck at home and want to buy something right now. Anything.  Buying something would make me feel better. Thing is, I don’t need anything right now. So before you buy items, take a step back and leave it a day. Then if you still desire the item as much the following day, proceed with your purchase.

Shop around

The benefits of online shopping extend beyond convenience alone. The ability to shop multiple sites at once means finding the best deal has never been easier. Use price comparison sites where possible and if the cheapest stockist is out of stock, try being patient. Ask for an alert when it is back in stock, and wait.

Cashback sites

We have mentioned these sites before, but they certainly merit a comment in this article. If you have shopped online before but never used sites like Quidco or Topcashback, then ensure you do in the future. After all, what is there to not like in getting extra discounts on items you purchase?!

Shopping Hacks That Will Save You Money – Miscellaneous

Buy for items with credit cards if possible. This allows you to be covered of anything goes wrong, and refunds should be quicker than via other payment methods.