Supermarket Mistakes you Need To Change

In the current climate, supermarket trips have never caused so much stress. But even in normal times, we don’t always use them to our advantage. We play into the hands of corporations and make the same repeated errors. We took a look at supermarket mistakes you need to change.

Supermarket Mistakes you Need To Change – No Plan

This is a point that has never been more relevant. With the danger of socialising right now, you must have a plan should you do a supermarket shop. Time is of the essence. But even during normal times, this point remains. Supermarkets are masters at luring you in. They make you make purchases you had no intention of making when you first entered the premises. Offers and careful placement of select products helps entice customers. So be disciplined and get what you need and only that. Write a list and stick to it. 

Don’t Go In Hungry

This is dangerous! Going into a place that sells a lot of food products when you are hungry will only bring one result. Namely, you will buy more than if you were not hungry. And that will probably mean the danger of food waste further down the line or treats that you did not really require.

Only Using One Shop

We are all busy people. It is understandable that supermarkets are so popular as they offer the greatest of things – convenience. But no one supermarket offers the best value on all items. So if you can spare the time, it is best to shop around. Aldi offers better value than Sainsbury’s in my experience, but does not offer the variety or wealth of products. You will learn with time where to get the best value. 


Offers can be great, but they are also dangerous. To make the most of them, you need to use offers for items you were planning to buy anyway. That way it is a win/win for you. Nothing is good value however cheap it may be if it was not required by you. Then it is just money wasted.

Supermarket Mistakes you Need To Change – Dangers of Online Shopping

As a non-driver, i do a lot of online shopping. And in the current climate, it is a life-saver for millions. It allows me to see all offers and everything that is available without leaving my own home. I use vouchers and offers and free delivery to get real value for money. Nevertheless, it can still come with its own dangers. Most notably, when buying products with a short-shelf life. Because you physically do not pick the goods, there is a danger that supermarkets may supply items that they most need to get rid of. In other words, items that will soon be out of date.

Supermarket Mistakes you Need To Change – Price

Price can be deceptive, because it does not always tell the whole story. Value is a better metric. For items like meat and more, look at the price per weight, rather than the overall weight. And work out value.

Buying Packaged Items

Fruit is the perfect example. Packaged items tends to come at a premium price. It is better for you and for the planet if you buy as many items as possible loose.