The Government Advice on Coronavirus

The coronavirus is unlike anything any of us have had to experience before. It is unprecedented, and in the UK at least, it is hard to know how to act and what to do when there is so little advice at hand from our own government. We took a look at the government advice on coronavirus.

Regular Updates

As of 16th March, we are at least going to get a daily update from Boris Johnson, with updates and any new advice. So we highly recommend that you ensure every day you find out what they have said. Take on board any new developments or any change in the advice that they previously released.

The Government Advice on Coronavirus – The UK Gamble

None of us really know how the government should act. They seemed to decide on a very risky strategy of adopting a herd mentality. The hope being that most of us would catch it and be immune for further outbreaks – for example next winter. However there is no proof that you cannot catch the virus more than once. What’s more, the government seems to have backtracked and even denied such a policy in recent days. So there is still much confusion. But what the UK is not doing, unlike other countries, is placing any areas on lockdown. This may of course change in the future.

The Government Advice on Coronavirus – If You Think You Have It

Anyone with a “new, continuous” cough or high temperature is now advised to self-isolate for seven days, as the UK government moves to the “delay” phase of its plan to tackle coronavirus.

Schools have been advised to cancel trips abroad, while people over 70 and those with pre-existing health conditions have been told not to go on cruises.

As part of the new measures, testing will only focus on identifying people with the virus in hospital.

People with symptoms are no longer required to call NHS 111, as the system is under strain, but are instead urged to look for information on the NHS website and 111 online.

Avoid Bars etc

It is now madness to consider carrying on as normal. It is highly recommended that you avoid congregations of people – so avoid restaurants, bars and gigs. There is a natural desire to support our economy, but your health is the priority. The government said as much on 16th March, but have not ordered businesses to shut. Another confusing message. Also, those who feel the symptoms are told to self-isolate for 14 days. However, anyone they live them without symptoms is allowed free movement. We suggest everyone isolates as much as their lives allow.

Plan Ahead

Panic buying is pointless, stupid and irresponsible, as there is plenty of stock on the shelves. However, home deliveries are a good idea, if you accept it is ok for the drivers to continue working. Slots are booked up everywhere for at least a week though, so plan ahead and order a shop for the first available slot. Other countries are closing schools, restricting movement and cancelling mass gatherings, such as football matches. Sport has gone in the UK, but the schools remain open for some reason. Newer measures will probably be introduced each day however.

Time To Act

At some point, the government is going to have to take stronger steps. It is that simple. With each delay, and with each misguided trust on faulty evidence and unproven herd immunity theories, lives are lost. Now is the time to act. To force quarantine, and to protect the economic fallout for millions of us.