Things To Buy 2nd Hand

It is human nature when looking to purchase an item to gravitate towards buying the item new. It is assumed to be in better condition, and have a longer shelf life. For some items this is undoubtedly the best option. Think mattresses and many items of clothing. But many other items are just as useful when purchased used. Here’s a quick list of several items that’ll save you money. A list of things to buy 2nd hand.


Like many, if not most, I only read a book once. Whilst I like to collect books, there is no need for them to be in perfect condition. They won’t be anyway afterwards anyway. You buy a book for the words contained within, so does it matter if there is the odd crease on the cover? Or on some pages? Instead, buy your books used (or, better yet, borrow them from your local library for free) so that the entertainment value exceeds the actual purchase price. 

Sports Equipment

Like musical instruments, sports equipment can also be purchased used, without significant loss of quality. Similarly, there are specific stores dedicated solely to the resale of sports equipment, ranging from popular sports like football to more obscure recreational activities like bowling and skiing. Of course, you can also go online to find what you’re looking for on sites like eBay and even Amazon. Alternatively, hire equipment if you are only using once -buying a badminton racquet then using it once is not a sensible use of your funds.

Video Games

This is a big one for me. Games are increasingly expensive, often over the £50 mark. but there is simply no need for me to buy a new game. All i need is a working disc. Perhaps the odd big game requires instant purchase. Because you can’t wait an extra day. But most don’t. Also, like books, I never play a game more than once. So on completion, it goes straight onto eBay to recoup as much as possible.


I’m like a stuck record, but I rarely watch a film more than once. Maybe just a few classics. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a stash of your favourite movies at your fingertips, but you don’t have to go broke trying to complete your collection. Buy used DVDs, rent or just utilise free film available 24/7 via your TV subscription and satellite box. 


Again, whilst tools will wear down, you can still get much better value out of purchasing tools that are used.


Finally, a rather obvious choice. Vehicles devalue quickly, which is bad if you want to sell on your vehicle, but also means there is much better value in getting a vehicle with a few miles on the clock. This of course depends on how you purchase vehicles, as there are many ways to do so.