Things To Get For Free

We all like to make our money go further each month. We have a huge range of expenses, money constantly exiting our accounts. But by becoming a bit more savvy, we can get plenty of life’s pleasures for free, without impacting on our quality of life. Moolr takes a look at things to get for free.

Things To Get For Free – TV Subscriptions

There are a hundred ways to watch TV programmes or video content nowadays. Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and many others offer world-class TV. You can pop on Youtube and see almost infinite content without cost. But the likes of Netflix come at a price. However, why not share? I get Netflix for free as a friend has it, and can host 5 accounts on there. Likewise, Amazon Prime can be watched anywhere, with the correct log-in details. There are always ways to see content for free. Free trials may also be available so that you can view services for free for a limited period before committing. This is certainly the case with amazon Prime.
If satellite TV is a necessity, along with paying for it, try to cancel and watch the good offers flood in as the TV companies attempt to retain your services. See what else they can throw in. services from TV providers often include broadband, landline rental etc. Check whether you require these services and are not paying for items not needed.

Things To Get For Free – Newspapers

The world of print journalism has changed enormously over the past decade. Virtually all the content is free should you require it. Also, a free national newspaper is available every weekday in the UK. Donate to the newspapers that you cherish most dear. 


To state the obvious, it is fine ti pay for books, and we recommend it. Most authors make a pittance and need support. But books can be read for free, not just from libraries, though that first way that springs to mind. Other options include Kindle unlimited, free kindle books when offers arise and book swap clubs.In my local town centre there is a free book shop, that allows you to take 3 free books at a time. you can recycle your collection by donating read books back to them, so everyone wins!


Video sites like youtube allow you to view all types of videos without a fee. Trials or limited versions of streaming sites such as Spotify can also come without additional costs. Radio obviously allows you another method of listening to music for free. Again, if you can do support artists- I will always go to gigs of bands i like.

Gym Memberships

By which I mean exercise. If money is hard to come by, consider whether you need to pay in order to exercise. After all, there are a thousand ways to exercise without paying. This is especially true if you run or cycle. I live close to an extensive canal network that is ideal for both forms of exercise. 
At home you can use DVDs or online tutorial videos to get fit and exercise.