Top Tips For Buying on eBay – Part 2

In our previous blog post, Moolr took a look at some top tips for buying on eBay. We did not get to mention all the ways you can use the site to your advantage however, so have followed up with more tips. Enjoy!

Check Seller Locations

It is important that you do this for numerous reasons. Firstly, you need to decide how quickly you require an item, and how much of a bargain you require. If there is no rush at all, the cheapest buy is often from abroad. Especially so of China, Hong Kong etc. However, do not expect to receive your item within a couple of weeks. Also, the chances of the item not turning up is increased the further it travels. For high value items it is perhaps advisable to stick to domestic sellers. However, remember that you are always covered should something go wrong.

Open Auctions Are Not Always Best Value

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of an open auction. The buzz of winning, of outbidding everyone else, is palpable. However, an open auction does not always provide the best value for an item. A low starting price can be deceptive, and by the end you may actually find yourself paying more than a fixed price listing for the same item. Always have an idea of the maximum price you are willing to bid, and never go past it.

Always Factor In Postage Costs

Many sellers offer free postage as part of their auction, so that you know that the total amount payable is whatever the auction price is. Not everyone does however, and many listings are deceptive. They list items at unusually low prices, but with exorbitant postage costs. eBay has tried to stamp out such practices, but still be wary. You should also be wary at postage costs when buying an item from a seller in another country.

Look Out For Deals

Sometimes, the prices you see can actually be reduced further. eBay themselves do a section called “daily deals”. As it implies, here you can find heavily reduced items. also check your emails folders, because occasionally eBay will send users discount codes. Usually they are valid only for a few days.

Use The Best Offer Option Sensibly

Some sellers have a buy it now price, with the addition of a chance to make a “best offer”. This clearly implies to prospective buyers that the seller is prepared to sell for less than the fixed price. However, it is not sensible to abuse this option. Normally, the seller will still want to sell for a price close to the maximum. Making derisory offers helps no one, especially as you only get three chances to offer a price. Such practices may make the seller unwilling to sell to you too. Always be sensible when pitching a best offer price.