Ways To Bring In Extra Income

We all would like an extra bit of money now and again. With our busy lives though, that is easier said than done. Nevertheless, for many of us there are simple ways to bring in extra income without the hard work or stress. Moolr took a look at some of the options that may be available to you.


You don’t have to own multiple flats in order to rent out. If you own any property that is not occupied by you, you can rent it out on terms that suit you. Either oversee it all yourself or let a letting agency take the stress away from you. You could even rent a spare room if you are comfortable doing so. Even your vehicle can be rented out should you be a low user of it. 
The final option if you are out of town regularly is to make your property available for short stays via someone like Air BNB. Or at least your garage if you are close to public transport and you live in a commute hub.

Write And Publish An EBook

A bit niche perhaps, but I have found this to be a lifesaver, with 8 books under my belt! My area is football writing, and my most recent book has sold 600 copies, giving me some financial assistance when I most needed it. If there is anything you are passionate about, you enjoy writing and have a social media presence, this could be an option.
The advent of eBooks has made it simple to self-publish. You can take advantage of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform, become a self-published author and, with any luck, earn some extra quid while you’re at it.

Record A YouTube Tutorial

YouTube is chock-full of tutorials on all kinds of topics, covering everything from makeup to Microsoft Office. Making your own tutorial is a fun and easy way to earn some extra money. Vloggers are in vogue at the moment, and many have become huge successes from simply talking about what they are passionate about. Pick something you’re good at (and enjoy doing) and break it down so that someone unfamiliar with the activity could understand how to do it. With views comes advertising income and sponsorship deals.

Sell Photos

Whether you take pictures with your phone or a state-of-the-art camera there’s a chance you can sell some of your work for some easy money. Shutter Stock and iStockPhoto are great places to get started — they’re vast libraries of images, and anyone can submit work for a possible purchase. 


Use Cash-Back Rewards Credit Cards

Credit cards can be a great way to earn passive income. Most major credit cards offer some type of reward, either through cash back or points. you earn cash back or points when you use your card to make purchases. some types of purchases count more than others on some cards. A cash-back rewards card is best if you’re looking to use that money back for something specific. A points reward card is also a good option since you can redeem those points for things like air miles, hotels and other designated “spending” categories. These are great to have if you repay your card’s outstanding balance regularly and find good uses for points.


Cash-Back Shopping Rewards

Cash-back shopping rewards programs are similar to using a cash-back rewards credit card. You earn money back when you shop at certain stores. If you’re making necessary purchases at certain stores, why not earn money back for shopping there? I have used online sites like quidco and topcashback for years, ans even made £150 just for swapping my satellite TV provider.