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Is Life More Expensive Being Single?

The cost of living as a single person versus living as part of a couple or a family can vary based on several factors and individual circumstances. Here are some considerations regarding the question – is life more expensive being single?

Is Life More Expensive Being Single? Housing Costs


Single individuals may bear the entire cost of rent or mortgage payments, whereas couples or families can split these expenses.


Utility costs might be higher for a single person in a smaller space compared to a larger household where these costs are divided among multiple people.

Is Life More Expensive Being Single? Daily Expenses


Single individuals may find it more challenging to benefit from buying in bulk or sharing grocery expenses, leading to potentially higher per-person costs.

Dining Out

Solo diners might not benefit from shared meal costs as couples or families do when eating out.

Healthcare and Insurance

Health Insurance

Single individuals usually don’t have the option to be on a family plan, which might make health insurance relatively more expensive.

Social and Entertainment Costs

Entertainment Expenses

Sharing costs for entertainment, travel, or outings is usually easier for couples or families, whereas singles might have to bear these costs alone.

Income and Financial Stability

Income vs. Expenses

Depending on the income level and financial responsibilities, singles might have to allocate a higher percentage of their income towards fixed expenses.

Savings and Investments

Without shared expenses, single individuals might have to prioritize building an emergency fund and savings alone, which can sometimes be more challenging.

Flexibility and Control

Financial Independence

Being single offers more control over finances and decision-making, but it also means bearing all financial responsibilities independently.

Personal Choices

Singles might have more freedom in making choices regarding spending, investments, or lifestyle changes without needing to consult a partner or family.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, whether life is more expensive being single depends on various factors, including income, expenses, lifestyle choices, and individual priorities. Some expenses might indeed be higher for singles, but others might be more manageable due to greater financial independence. It’s essential to create a budget, manage expenses, and make financial decisions based on individual circumstances and goals.

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