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Is Life More Expensive Being Single?

The cost of living as a single person versus living as part of a couple or a family can vary based on several factors and individual circumstances. Here are some considerations regarding the question – is life more expensive being single? Is Life More Expensive Being Single? Housing Costs Rent/Mortgage Single individuals may bear the […]

What Having No Money Taught Me

As it has been for many people, the last few years have been tough for me. With that in mind, I wrote a few thoughts about what having no money taught me. Spend Less! I drastically trimmed the fat and expenses before quitting my job. Compared to my previous life, I now require far less […]

Looking After Your Finances

In these tough times, it is imperative that we all spend time looking after our finances, and keeping on top of things. Here are some tips to do just that. Reconsider Your Subscriptions The majority of us, in my opinion, are subscribers to services we little or never utilise. Examine your monthly expenses to determine […]

What To Do If You Run Out Of Money

Examine Your Finances To start, you must be 100 percent certain of your financial situation. Are you really completely broke? There were a few surprises in my finances when I looked into them. There were methods by which I could obtain some cash, though they would not always be quick or simple. But first, see […]

Places To Keep Your Money

When we think of places to keep money, we automatically gravitate towards banks, the natural place to go, surely? But not necessarily so. We look at other options for storing your cash. Under The Mattress “Out of sight, out of mind, perhaps?  Although the money will be nicely hidden, whether you hide it under the […]

Great Money Tips

These recommendations may be useful if you are one of the many people who struggle to make ends meet each month or save money. Your life can be transformed with a little careful budgeting and a few tweaks here and there. Moolr has compiled a list of great money tips everyone can utilise. We hope […]

Tips On Not Overspending

Whilst many have been able to live normal lives, in a financial sense, since the pandemic struck, many more have struggled to get by. That is why applying caution to how we spend our money has become as important as ever. But it is not easy to avoid wasting some money every month. We took […]

Dealing With Unexpected Costs

For those that constantly worry about their financial situation, there is one thing that concerns us more than anything. Namely the sudden burden of dealing with unexpected costs. Having to find more money than normal can be extremely stressful. We took a look at how best to deal with such situations.  Part Of Life We […]

Common Financial Errors We Make

While we as a whole attempt and take great consideration of our monetary mix-ups, we are not awesome. Moolr has investigated the most widely recognized monetary slip-ups and at how individuals usually don’t utilize the assets accessible to them. We look at common financial errors we make. Common Financial Errors We Make – Unnecessary/Wasteful Spending […]

Teach Your Kids About Money

At a time when many parents are preoccupied with home schooling their children, it may also be an opportune time to discuss financial matters. A chance not just to do school chores, but set them up for life in general. Let’s look at some ways to teach your kids about money. Start talking about money […]

Things I Regret Spending Money On

In these difficult times, many of us are keen on making every penny go as far as possible. Future and perhaps current income is not secure, so we have to make cutbacks. With that in mind, i took a look at some things i regret spending money on. Coffee I love coffee, and am certainly […]

Free Things To Do In A City

Many of us often assume that to have fun and go out costs money. Often it does. But every city on the planet offers a wealth of free activities constantly that allows you to have an active social life without breaking the bank. Using my home city of Manchester as an example, I have had […]

Get The Most From Your Bank

Most of us take our bank for granted. We stick with the same one for most of our lives, irrelevant of what it offers. We use it to put money in and take money out. But they serve a much greater purpose than that, and you could be missing out on other advantages. Moor took […]

Tips To Sell Online

Selling items online is a great way to either get rid of unwanted items and make a bit of money or for earning a regular income. It is not easy to get yourself recognised online though. It is a crowded market with everyone fighting for space. Moolr took a look at what is involved, and […]

Tips To Avoid Financial Fraud

In the modern world, we have everything at our fingertips. We can send money, check balances and do pretty much any transaction in seconds at the touch of a button. I can even withdraw money without my cash card. But all this convenience can come at a price. Financial fraud has never been greater, which […]

Have A Fun Weekend For Free

It’s a common problem for many of us, no doubt. We want to have some fun, but doing so is an expensive business. We’d all love to jet off to somewhere warm or stay in a nice hotel, but it is not realistic. And even close to home, many social interactions come with a price. […]

How To Gamble Responsibly

It is one of the oldest preoccupations in the world – that of having a bet on something. Since the dawn of time, man has bet assets on the outcome of a myriad of situations. And not just sporting events. It is ok to have a bet every now and then, and nothing to be […]

How To Make Money From eBay

Everyone knows what eBay is. However, have you truly examined how eBay could help you out financially. Moolr have taken a look at how to get the most out of eBay, both as a seller and buyer. Thus you will be better placed to know how to make money from eBay. Clever Purchasing This guide […]

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The Story of Money

Money talks in more than one way. It’s a simple fact that when you have a lot of money, you can make it talk for you with all sorts of different methods of spending.  Yet, have you ever wondered for a moment, what sort of story does your money tell about you? Each banknote, coin […]