Common Supermarket Shopping Mistakes

We write regularly about food and shopping as we feel it is an area in which we can do better and save money. And thus we are writing once more. This time, we are looking at common supermarket mistakes. We may surprise you with the savings and improvements you can make.

Common Supermarket Shopping Mistakes – Insisting On Brands

It is almost a cultish behaviour on the way some of us are tied to some particular brands. Mine is Heinz, but it truly believe their taste is superior to alternative brands. But the simple fact is that a lot of the time you can pay up to double for a name alone. Many supermarket own brand items are not only much cheaper, but essentially the same product. Often they are made in the same factory! In fact the savings may be even greater sometimes, as such own brand products are sold as loss-leaders. This means the supermarket actually makes a loss on the product. Its purpose is to entice you into their store, and spend money on other stuff too.

Common Supermarket Shopping Mistakes – Avoiding The Frozen Aisle

I am guilty of this. Everything bought fresh, at greater cost, and with a shorter shelf life. Do not avoid the frozen food section – it is not just full of processed foods. Vegetables are the obvious example here – they freeze fine and are much cheaper when bought frozen. And of course they last longer, so you do not have to worry about waste.

Not Looking At Value

We all think we look at the value of an item before be purchase an item, but we hone in on the price, and that perhaps is a mistake. What i have learnt especially when doing online shops, is to assess the price per weight. The results may surprise you. That way you can compare items and get a true idea of value. And perhaps work out the value of multi-buy offers too.

No Plan

People do tend to go into a supermarket with little more than a vague idea of what they want to buy. and that can be very dangerous indeed! If you need to budget constantly, then a food shop requires discipline. So you must buy what you need, and avoid waste. Do not be swayed by unnecessary treats and offers on items you don’t really need. Have a clear idea of what you want, and treat a shop like a military exercise!