Get The Most From Your Bank

Most of us take our bank for granted. We stick with the same one for most of our lives, irrelevant of what it offers. We use it to put money in and take money out. But they serve a much greater purpose than that, and you could be missing out on other advantages. Moor took a look at how to get the most out of your bank. Not just for its services, but to check everything is running smoothly.

Monitor your accounts on a regular basis

We all have a varied number of transactions on our account each month. Nevertheless, however many you have, you should always go through every statement thoroughly to ensure there is nothing untoward. Look out for fraud or any surprises you didn’t see coming. After all, many of us will have encountered fraudulent activity at some point. Or at least an attempt at it.

All banks have online banking plus mobile apps that make checking your account super easy. 

Use the bank’s features

Your bank should allow access to online bill payment, remote deposits and much, much more. Through my Natwest mobile app, I can pay off my credit card in seconds from my bank account, send money for free to anyone in the world, report a lost or stolen card and more. Online and mobile banking is a game changer for how you manage your accounts. Take advantage of the many free features you have access to experience the best banking experience.

Link to other accounts

As I alluded to above, If you have all of your accounts at the same bank, you can log into one dashboard and see all your details in one convenient place. 

Take ownership of your accounts

Your bank is not really there to act in your interests. you have to take ownership of your account and become familiar with what you can get out of it. Get to know where your money comes from and where your money goes. 

Change bank

The fact is, there may be a better bank out there, in the same way that there might be a better energy provider or mobile phone company. See what is on offer. Check what offers they have, such as air miles or free insurance. Another bank might have offers that suit your lifestyle and can make/save you money. Many now offer financial inducements too to encourage you to swap.