How To Live Frugally

It’s sadly a topic we revisit regularly, but with Xmas out of the way, for many January can be the most difficult month of all, financially. Once more we have to watch every penny and be careful what we spend money on. With that in mind, it is sometimes good to revisit topics, and see what as changed. We took another look at how to live frugally.

Drink/Eat At Home

Something that many have done for quite a while now, as prices for drinks and food when eating out have risen and risen over the years. And often beyond the rate of inflation. This is not to blame the bars and restaurants, who often have to raise prices simply to survive.

How To Live Frugally – Recycle Stuff

By this I don’t just mean putting your waste into the correct bins. But if done tastefully and properly, you can reuse items that perhaps you would normally throw away and restyle as attractive ornaments and displays in your own house. This also saves you having to purchase items as new, at extra cost.  Jars, containers, boxes containing gifts – they can all be reused around the house.

How To Live Frugally – Plan Your Food Shops

The best way to be frugal is not to waste anything you spend money on. That way, every penny you earn is put to use. And the most frequent way people waste money is by throwing away food. Plan your food shop to perfection, and you can live a fuller life. Work out what you plan to eat day by day. Factor in the shelf life of all you buy, and use the freezer for food you need to last longer. Also, arrange your food cupboards so the items that expire first are at the front. Its easy to leave many a tin gathering dust at the back of a cupboard.

Bulk Cooking

And linked to an efficient food shop is the need to bulk cook, and make ingredients go further.  If you cook in bulk, and thus buy in bulk, you get better value from your purchases.

Look Out For Bargains

Essentially, the tip is – put in the hard work! All year round there are thousands of bargains out there for tings you would buy anyway, so keep a look out for them. Put in the hard work, join the right online groups and you could save hundreds each year.