Things Worth Paying For

We all love a bargain. With many of us having to constantly budget to get by each month, it makes sense to find value in things we spend our money on. We have talked about the best way to do that in many articles on this site. However, there are a few things in life that it is worth spending good money on. Moolr took a look at things worth paying for.

Home repairs

Your home is an asset, and a very valuable one. When you make alterations to it, then it will affect its value. Therefore, it is always worth doing a thorough job. A good decoration or improvement to a property can increase its value by more than the cost of the alterations. Thus it is money well spent. A bad alteration can lower the value. It can even affect your quality of living and your health and safety.
Ensure sure you really research the contractors you’re considering. Use recommendations and check reviews of those that you use. Also make sure they have a thorough understanding of your project needs.

With repairs it is always better to pay more for a repair that will be good for decades to come, rather than paying repeatedly for a cheaper service.

Car repairs

Just as with your home, your car is a big investment you hope and expect will last for many years. So again, you want a mechanic who is thoroughly trained on how to work on your particular vehicle. You get what you pay for, and paying more now could mean fewer costs down the line. It is a false economy to always plump for the cheapest option. Not that you should automatically dismiss it too. do your research and once more use someone with good recommendations.


When I moved into my house, I was full of guilt for spending £500 i did not have on a mattress. But then I realised that I would spend a third of my life on it, and thus it wasn’t really an extravagant purchase. And 12 years later, because of its quality, it performs as well as the first night I slept in it.

Your One Treat In Life

We should all be allowed to have a treat in life. Even if your budget is tight, you should allow yourself to have a treat, as you need things that make you happy. And you cannot live your life like a monk. Unless you actually are one. So do not feel guilty spending money on the occasional treat, as long as it does not cause you financial difficulties.