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Valid Reasons To Borrow Money

Borrowing money can be a practical solution in various situations. Here are some valid reasons to borrow money. Debt Consolidation If you have multiple debts (credit cards, loans), consolidating them into a single personal loan can simplify payments and potentially reduce interest rates. It is a case of running the figures.  Home Improvement Funding home […]

Missing Loan Repayments

We understand at Moolr that things change. Even though we always recommend that you only take out a personal loan if you are adamant you will be able to repay it, we understand that this is not always the case. This could occur for a variety of causes, ranging from the loss of a job […]

The Importance Of Loan Repayment Periods

If you ever consider taking out a loan to cover unexpected costs or an important repair, then a key decision you must make is how to repay what you borrow. And by this i mean how long you need to pay it back, and how you factor that into existing costs. We thought it wise […]