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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home

When purchasing a home, several common mistakes can have significant financial and personal implications. Here are key mistakes to avoid when buying a home. Not Understanding Your Budget Overlooking Total Costs Don’t focus only on the purchase price. Consider additional costs such as closing fees, property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and potential renovations. Skipping Mortgage Pre-Approval […]

The Best Time To Sell A Home

When is the best time to sell a home? Many assume that is when you are in a position to do so, but there are certain times that could help your cause. March Is Best Time To Sell A Home According to studies done over the previous five years, March has consistently been the greatest […]

Should You Buy Or Rent A Property?

It is a topic that, while less so in much of the globe, notably other areas of Europe, seems to be a matter of obsession in the UK. But there are questions that need to be answered. The age-old conundrum of renting vs. buying. We took a look at whether you should buy or rent […]

Property Prices In 2022

In our latest look at home in the UK, we looked at whether there are worrying trends regarding property prices in 2022. Interest Rates and Property Prices The Bank of England’s base rate has recently been at an all-time low, making borrowing money extremely affordable. In an effort to keep inflation under control, the base […]

A Guide To Selling Your Home

In the latest of our property related blogs, we put together a guide to selling your home. Valuing The Property When it comes to arranging your future move, getting a precise value of your existing house will help you establish how much you can afford. Asking a local estate agent for an accurate valuation is […]

Why Are House Prices Rising?

If you are remotely thinking about moving home over the past year or more, you will have noticed that property prices continue to rise. Damning if you are trying to get on the property ladder. We expect them to rise, but the rate has stunned many. But why is this? Why are house prices rising […]

The True Costs Of Buying A Property

Moving home is stressful, as many of us are all too aware. I’ve just done it, and it was not fun. Many ignore one of the sides issues of moving however, apart from general stress. When examining the true costs of buying a property, people wildly underestimate the costs involved. So we thought it pertinent […]

Reasons Why It’s A Great Time To Sell Your Home

The autumn real estate market is still brisk. This month, we’ve seen record asking prices for all types of properties. From first-time buyer homes to family homes, in every part of the UK. This ‘full house’ is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, taking place for the first time since March 2007. So, if you’re considering relocating, what […]

Why House Prices Have Fallen

An interesting news story has developed in recent days. We are all used to, in the UK at least, house prices rising and rising for all eternity, as they were earlier in the year. But it seems that there has been a recent dip in average prices. For those wanting cheaper prices however, i would […]

Rent Or Buy?

It is an issue that seems to be an obsession in the UK, but less so across much if the world, especially other parts of Europe. But it is an issue that needs answering. The age-old dilemma of whether to rent or buy. We took a look. Rent – The Advantages It should be clear […]