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Getting A Mortgage With Debt

It is a common concern of those looking to get on the property ladder. How will their financial situation affect their chances of mortgage providers accepting them for credit? We took a look at getting a mortgage with debt. Getting A Mortgage With Debt – The Effect Of Coronavirus Many who worry about gaining a […]

Home Equity Advantages & Disadvantages.

  Home equity release is an option many homeowners may be considering right now. The access to funds in a property must be tempting to those that need access to money. However, it is a big step to take, and should be researched thoroughly before proceeding.  We took a look at some home equity advantages […]

Is it easier to get a joint mortgage?

Many home buyers choose to join forces with friends, family or their partner to purchase a property, and therefore need to take out a joint mortgage. There are plenty of reasons why joint ownership mortgages are an attractive option. Often buying with someone else is the only way to make owning a home affordable, and […]

Types Of Mortgages

The mortgage market in the UK is probably the most important and largest financial market of all. After all, there are 11.1 million mortgages in the UK. The UK mortgage market is worth more than £1.3 trillion. The UK is the largest in Europe in terms of amount lent and total value of outstanding loans. […]

A Look At 95% Mortgages

A 95% mortgage is a loan for 95% of a property’s price. With a 95% mortgage, you’d need to provide a 5% deposit to cover the remainder. For example, if you wanted to buy a house worth £200,000 with a 95% mortgage, you’d borrow £190,000 (95% of the price) and put down £10,000 of your […]

A Look At Buy To Let Mortgages

What is a buy to let mortgage and how does it work? A buy to let mortgage is designed for those looking to purchase a property then rent it out to the public for a profit. Landlords and property investors will be the main beneficiaries of such a mortgage, the property market a huge investment […]