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The Lowdown On Interest Rates

It is an aspect that many overlook when searching for credit. Namely, how much extra will they have to pay back. And key tot his is not just the repayment period but the interest rate attached to the loan. Many do not understand the true intricacies of these added charges, so here is the lowdown […]

Why People Get Different Rates On Loans

Advertising is a multibillion-pound industry with a proven track record of success. This is also true in the area of personal loans. In a crowded market, every cent counts, and a competitive interest rate is the primary incentive for potential borrowers. Rates splattered on your screen in large characters. However, this is not the rate […]

Why Lenders Offer Varying Interest Rates

There is a misconception with some that a lender offers a set rate to any borrowers they decide to accept for credit. But that is not strictly true. What’s more, any individual can apply for two different loans and get different rates from separate lenders. But why? We examine why lenders offer varying interest rates. […]

A Look At Interest Rates

When sourcing a loan, a look at interest rates is an integral part of the process, key to everything you do. Because that is the key aspect of whether it is worth your while to take on extra debt. You need to be able to pay it back and get a competitive interest rate. We […]

How To Pay Less Interest On Your Loan

At Moolr, we are committed to finding loans at competitive rates for those that require them. But we are equally committed to not providing loans when we think they should not be supplied. And we always try to minimise the extra costs that inevitably come with a loan, even if it costs us money. So […]

How To Reduce Interest On Existing Debt

We talk a lot on this blog about how to reduce your debt. What we haven’t spoken in detail about is how to deal with debts that you cannot get rid of. For many people that is simply the state of their life.  Hence we thought it a good time to look how to deal […]