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A Guide To Sensible Borrowing

Many of us are in a position where we may need to borrow extra money at the current time, or in the near future. This can be very daunting and stressful for those involved. But borrowing can be done in the right way, and be advantageous to those that use it. We have done a […]

The True Cost Of Borrowing

In our second look of the week at borrowing, and its implications, we examine the true cost of borrowing. Borrowing is a vital tool to us all, but it is important that those that take on credit understand what they are doing. By understanding what is involved, they are much less likely to run into […]

How Personal Loans Work

Personal loans come in various forms. Each kind of credit fills a specific need for an objective you may have. This is regardless of whether it’s to purchase a house or vehicle, or to permit you to separate a major cost into consolidate, singular repayments. Let’s examine further how personal loans work. How Personal Loans […]

What Are Interest Rates?

We have all heard about interest rates, which is not surprising as most of us have saved or borrowed at some point. We probably think we know everything about them too. But what are interest rates? Let’s take a deeper dive. What Are Interest Rates? Rates Affect Us All Interest rates affect most of us. […]

Interest Rates Explained

It’s probably the key factor in deciding whether to take out a loan or not. Namely, the interest you have to pay on top of what you borrow. After all, the higher the rate, the less sense borrowing makes. What’s more, it makes repayments harder the more you have to pay each month. Rates can […]

A Look At APR – Annual Interest Rates & More

What is an APR? APR stands for annual percentage rate, and is the total interest a person will pay annually on a credit product. Legally, any financial product provider has to display this figure, be it a loan, credit card or mortgage. In the current financial market, with much shorter loans available than used to […]