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Should You Borrow From Loved Ones?

Sometimes it can seem easier to simply ask your friends or relatives for help when you need money but have poor credit. But should you borrow from loved ones? Both advantages and disadvantages of borrowing from friends or family are numerous. Has Its Uses When you need emergency cash, borrowing from family and friends can […]

Loan Repayments

You must decide how you will pay back the loan if you ever consider getting one to pay for unforeseen expenses or a significant repair. And by this, I mean how long you must wait before paying it back and how you will include that into current expenses. We considered it prudent to talk about […]

Differences Between Short Term Loans and Payday Loans

When looking at the differences between short term loans and payday loans, it is important to realise both products are very similar. Loan Duration A payday loan is a loan that borrowers can take out and use their next pay-check as capital. Essentially, the idea is that if you don’t have enough money to pay […]

Loan Qualification Criteria

We often get enquiries from people asking if they would pass the application test for credit. So we decided to discuss the loan qualification criteria. Loan Qualification Criteria – Age Repayments and regulations governing acts permitted to minors are the main reasons for age limitations on lending. If a loan is not repaid, the next […]

Loan Myths

Have you ever considered taking out a loan but been put off by what people have told you? There are numerous myths surrounding loans and credit cards. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the most common ones so you can make an informed decision. It’s important taking the time to learn how loans […]

Personal Loans Explained

When people look to take out loans, the terminology can easily confuse. Loans can be short-term, personal, unsecured, flexible, payday and more. But what does it all mean? We took a look at one term that is a catch-all for most loans that individuals take out. Here are personal loans explained. Personal Loans v Secured […]

How Loans Differ

If you are thinking of taking on extra debt, you need to be aware of how loans differ. What purposes they serve, and how they tailor themselves to different requirements. We took a look at what is involved. Secured v Unsecured There is one simple, but big difference between the two main types of loans. […]

Loans For Those With Mixed Credit Histories

If  lenders have denied you credit in the past, bad credit loans are a means for you to obtain money. They can also be a source of credit if you have a low credit score or no credit history. Which in turn means you regularly find yourself struggling to get approved for any type of […]

The Personal Loan Process

Those looking to borrow often ask us about the personal loan process. They want to know what is involved and if taking on credit is the right move for them. And often, they cite concerns over whether lenders will accept them. We took a look at what is involved. The Personal Loan Process – How […]

The Biggest Myths About Taking Out A Loan

There are hundreds of types of loans on the market, and a lot is spoken about them. It is easy to confuse yourself with how they work and whether they are a good idea. So we thought it relevant to take a deeper dive. Here are some of the bigger myths about taking out a […]

Types Of Loans

There are a wealth of loan options out there, so it is understandable if borrowers feel overwhelmed about choices. And worry about making the wrong decision, with too much information to process. So we decided to take a look at the different types of loans. And consider which one, if any, may be beneficial for […]

A Guide To Sensible Borrowing

Many of us are in a position where we may need to borrow extra money at the current time, or in the near future. This can be very daunting and stressful for those involved. But borrowing can be done in the right way, and be advantageous to those that use it. We have done a […]

Personal Loans: What to Know Before You Apply

How Personal Loans Work Credit comes in many forms, including credit cards, mortgages, automobile loans, purchase financing over time and personal loans. Each type of credit serves a certain purpose for a goal you may have. Whether it’s to buy a house or car, or to allow you to break up a big expense into […]

Can I Get A Personal Loan With A 500 Credit Score?

Being hit with an unexpected expense can be scary – especially if it seems you have no way of covering it. If you have no savings and no credit card, a personal loan might be the answer to the emergency. But what if your credit score is not great? While bad credit loans exist, are […]

Are personal loans better than secured loans?

The concept of lending and borrowing dates as far back as biblical times. It was the early Italian pioneers who transformed this into the more fluid, quantifiable exchange we recognise today. And exchange whereby they would set up benches in busy marketplaces to provide a central point to borrow money. They called these benches bancas, […]

The 4 Types of Loan

Whatever you may need it for – from buying a car to covering an emergency expense – personal loans can provide funds when you need them most. However, if this is your first personal loan, you ought to know the four main types of personal loans, as well as their pros and cons. Let’s look […]

What is the difference between payday loans and personal loans?

Learn Which Option Will Be Better for Your Finances Personal loans and payday loans may seem similar on the outside, but there are quite a few big differences that set these two options apart. Depending on your credit and the amount you need to borrow, you will want to know what you qualify for before […]

Are Credit Card Loans Better Than Personal Loans?

When you need to borrow, you might consider a credit card or a personal loan. Credit cards are ideal for short term expenses that you can pay off in a month, while personal loans are best use for long term expenses, financing a big purchase or consolidating multiple debts. Your decision to use a credit […]

Can I get a personal loan with no credit history?

If you have a poor credit score or no credit history at all, you might think getting a personal loan is out of the question. The good news is there are options for you to get a loan that does not require a credit check. Getting a loan without a credit check may not be […]

Can you have Multiple Personal Loans?

It’s not hard for you to imagine. You take out a £10,000 personal loan, say, to help pay for your wedding. This was before you found your dream venue. You borrowed £5,000 to buy a second car – but then the first one stopped working. Hence you find yourself with multiple personal loans. . A second […]