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Understanding Financial Jargon – A

At Moolr we know that sometimes, the financial jargon can be difficult to understand. In this series of blogs, we will explain some of the most common terms so that you can be in the know instead of out in the cold. A Acceptance rate This is the rate at which customers are successful in […]

Finance Glossary

A Acceptance rate A good place to start a finance glossary. This is the percentage of customers who are successful in their application for a loan, credit card or any financial product. At least 66% of successful applications have to be offered the advertised rate, known as the typical APR (see Typical APR).For the others […]


Money, Loans & All Things Finance: A Glossary

A look at some of the common terms used when discussing loans, financial products and money in general… A Acceptance Rate This is the percentage of customers who lenders accept for a loan or credit card. Of those the lenders approve, they must offer the advertised rate to at least two thirds, known as the […]