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The Things To Know When Starting A Business

Owning and starting a business may be extremely demanding but also quite rewarding. You must accept that starting your own firm and becoming an entrepreneur will be like riding a roller coaster. Here are some things to know when starting a business. A Business Plan Is Essential It may seem superfluous to write a formal […]

Business Expenses For The Self-Employed

If you work for yourself, your business will incur a variety of operating expenses. As long as these expenses are permissible, you can deduct some of them from your taxable earnings. We took a look at business expenses for the self-employed. Business Expenses For The Self-Employed – Capital Allowances If you use traditional accounting, you […]

Maintaining Your Self Employed Pay And Tax Records

If you must submit a Self Assessment tax return to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), you must preserve records.To correctly fill out your tax return, you’ll need your records. HMRC may request the documents if they check your tax return. You must keep track, so we took a look at maintaining your self employed pay […]

Paying Tax When Self-Employed

Paying tax when self-employed can be complicated, especially those who have just started working for themselves. We took a look at what is involved. How Much Earnings Are Tax-Free? The same tax-free Personal Allowance is available to self-employed people as it is to employees. The regular Personal Allowance for tax year 2021–2022 is £12,570. You […]

Tips When Starting A Business

If you are thinking of going alone and setting up your own company, here are some tips when starting a business. Tips When Starting A Business – Existing Situation Check your job contract before you get started on turning your passion project into extra cash. It’s preferable to be safe rather than sorry. Even if […]

Tips For Self Employment

Making the decision to leave a steady job and work for yourself is one of the most difficult and frightening decisions you can make. It’s also a lot of fun and often liberating. However, it is unquestionably dangerous, and should only be undertaken with caution and after much planning. Moolr decided to compile a list […]

How Sellers Can Seal A Deal

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most serious issues in online selling: when customers fail to complete the purchase they started. According to studies, the average percentage of online shopping cart abandonment is 69.2 percent. This article examines why customers abandon shopping carts and how sellers can seal a deal with better conversion rates. […]

Things To Consider Before Becoming Self-Employed

As a self-employed person, i thought it worth revisiting the decision many go through in going from working for a company to working for themselves. Many will be wondering if they are making the right decision when taking the leap. So for those that are thinking of making a change in life, here are things […]

The Latest Self Employment Grant Details

Finally, the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme 4 (SEISS 4) grant, worth up to £7,500, is on its way, though far too late for many thousands of people. Still, for many including myself it will be a lifesaver. Let’s take a look at the latest self employment grant details. Hopefully this will inform you as to whether […]

Advice For The Self-Employed

Taking the choice to go from a steady pay packet in an established company to working for yourself is one of the greatest and most overwhelming choices you can make. It is additionally extremely rewarding when successful and regularly freeing. However, it is without a doubt risky. You should only undertake such a decision after […]

A Look At The Government’s Help For The Self-Employed

As the effects of the Coronavirus continue to damage many of our lives, we thought it a good time to look in detail on how one sector of our population will be helped by recent government announcements. Here we take a look at the government’s help for the self-employed. Help For The Self-Employed – The […]

How To Work From Home Efficiently – Part 2

In part 1 of how to work from home efficiently, we looked at a few ways home workers can make their days as productive as possible. But there were other ways too that we did not have time to cover. Thus, we thought we would revisit the topic and look at at more ways to […]

How To Work From Home Efficiently

The ability to work from home and the emergence of digital office rental services has led to changing attitudes around where people should work and whether they should stick to the traditional hours and work structures. Many work from home all the time, whilst many others will spend some days working away from the office. But it is […]

Expenses If You’re Self-Employed

If you’re self-employed, your business will have various running costs. You can deduct some of these costs to work out your taxable profit as long as they’re allowable expenses. After all, you should only pay tax on your earnings, or profits, not on every penny that comes through your business. Moolr take a look at […]

Tips On Working For Yourself

Taking the decision to go from a stable wage to working for yourself is one of the biggest and most daunting decisions you can make. It is also hugely exciting and often liberating. But it is undoubtedly risky, and thus should be done with caution and after much planning. Moolr decided to collate some tips […]