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Are Home Improvement Loans Right For You?

When people take out a loan, it may be for a number of reasons. Sometimes lenders like to categorise loans according to the intention of the borrowers, but they are essentially still all loans at the end of the day. We take a look at one use for credit. Are home improvement loans right for […]

A Guide To Home Improvements: Part 2

In part 1 of Moolr’s guide to home improvements, we had a look at some of the ways of improving a home, either for yourself or if looking to raise the value before selling. There are plenty of other areas we couldn’t cover in the article however. Thus, here’s further tips as part of our […]

A Guide To Home Improvements

Whether you want to spruce up your existing house, or want to move on and make your place as attractive as possible to prospective buyers. home improvements are always beneficial. Moolr have taken a look at some of the many ways you can improve your residence. This is our brief guide to home improvements. Where […]