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How To Begin An Online Meeting

In the current climate, most of us have had to adjust how we work. And where we work. Naturally for those that work in offices, this has led to many online rather than physical meetings. And this has been a culture shock especially for those leading the get-together. So we put together some tips on […]

More Virtual Meeting Tips

    In our last article we took a look at some virtual meeting tips, to help your meetings go as smoothly as possible. We soon realised though that that were more tips to put forward. So here are a few more suggestions to help you organise your team. Let Anyone You Live With You […]

Top Tips For A Successful Virtual Meeting

For a lot of us working from home over the past year or so, virtual meetings have become a regular part of our lives. And for many of us, for the first time! But if you have to organise a meeting, it can actually be quite stressful dealing with a new form of technology. We […]