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The Risks Of Being A Guarantor

A guarantor for a loan can be a lifesaver for those that struggle to obtain credit due to a mixed credit history. However, it is not a process that comes without its own problems. We took a look at the many risks of being a guarantor. Is it worth your while? What Is A Guarantor? […]

Choosing A Loan Guarantor

At the point when you are hoping to make sure about a credit whether it’s an individual advance, short or long haul, whatever it is for, you must assess your options. You will in some cases need to have a someone you know to back your application. This person is generally referred to as a […]

Who can be a guarantor on a loan?

A poor or limited credit history could affect your ability to obtain a personal loan. However, if you can find a friend or family member to act as your guarantor, you may still be able to borrow money. These have a specific name – so we thought it good to examine who can be a […]

How Do Guarantor Loans Work?

The process of applying for and receiving a guarantor loan is just like many other loans, however, they require a guarantor, someone to guarantee the loan. Guarantor loans are for people with weak, poor, or no credit. But, how do guarantor loans work? Let’s take a look. The Process The loan process is similar as […]

Should I Be A Guarantor?

Guarantor loans are a quite common financial product in the UK, as they provide finance for those that might struggle to get it elsewhere. However, the role comes with risks, and it is not a suitable product for everyone, because of the strain it can put on relationships. We took a look at a common […]

Why You Should Avoid Guarantor Loans

A guarantor loan, in principle, sounds like a great option. Somebody close to you that you trust acts as security for you borrowing money. They sign some paperwork and you get much-needed funds. Everybody’s happy. Unfortunately, it is not that simple, and such a deal has many a downfall. Moolr took a look at why […]

Guarantor Loans & Credit Scores

How does a guarantor loan affect my credit rating? Lenders will always tend to run credit checks before deciding whether to accept a customer, as part of their underwriting facility to ensure that the borrower is, in their eyes, low-risk. By seeing their credit history, the lender can see their record of repayments for other […]

How do I choose a guarantor?

When you are looking to secure a loan whether it’s a personal loan, short or long term, whatever it is for, you will sometimes need to have a guarantor to back your application. A guarantor is a person who knows you and will sign for you. This allows you to be approved for the loan. […]

A Look At Guarantor Loans

What is a guarantor loan? A guarantor loan is an unsecured loan ranging from £500 to £7,500 with a repayment period anything up to five years. The loan differs from other as it relies on someone close to the borrower. This could be a partner, friend or relative, “guaranteeing” the loan. If you cannot pay […]