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5 Reasons To Consider A Short Term Loan

A short term loan is a loan which you borrow for a short period of time, hence the name. People usually borrow them for up to a year and will be repaid in smaller monthly instalments until you have paid off the fixed price. Our short term loans range from £100 all the way to […]

Are Short Term Loans an Answer when you have a Bad Credit Rating?

With COVID-19 causing devastation to the UK economy, many people are looking at ways to ‘make ends meet’. This is especially difficult with a poor credit score! Short term borrowing such as payday advances can cause more problems than they solve. Especially if not used correctly. As big believers in the need for both responsible […]

How does a short term loan work?

A short term loan can provide a solution when you are experience minor cash flow problems. Unlike a traditional bank loan, which borrowers tend to repay over several years, lenders designed short term loans for people to pay off often within several months. Let’s look at how does a short term loan work. How does […]

How to use a short term loan wisely

Many people in the UK will at some point in time turn to a short term loan in one way or another. Whether in the form of payday loans online or perhaps other types of short term funding.  They tend to be a very convenient way of accessing cash. This is as the application processes […]

Reasons To Consider A Short Term Loan

Short term loans are very popular in the UK. Lenders offer a simple and quick way to cover a gap in household or personal budgets. They can help whether you’re having a tight month in terms of budgeting, or you’re finding yourself facing an unexpected expense. There are many reasons to think about short term […]

What Can You Do When You Can’t Make a Loan Payment?

Sometimes life brings big surprises. If you can’t make payments on one or more of your loans, its best to take action sooner rather than later. It’s important to act quickly and not turn a blind eye if you can’t make a loan payment. Moving quickly helps you minimise the damage to your finances. Perhaps […]

Should I get a Short Term Loan to Buy a House?

Short term loans have many different uses, but should you use a short-term loan to buy a house? Here at Moolr, we don’t believe this would be in your best interests. Find out why below. Home Ownership Dream For many people in the UK, their dream is to one day be a proud owner of […]

What is a Short Term Loan?

To put it simply, a short term loan is the type of loan where you borrow a set amount and pay back that amount plus interest in less than a year. It is not like a bank loan, in that you don’t pay a short-term loan off over years and it often comes with a […]

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Why There’s No Shame In Taking Out A Short Term Loan

It is natural to feel that by borrowing money you have somehow “failed”. That by having to ask for financial help you have somehow let yourself, or others, down. I would argue very differently, especially considering that virtually all of us are currently paying back borrowed money anyway. There is no shame in taking out […]