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Different Ways To Save

If you have debt like i do, then the concept of saving can seem like an alien one. A thing to do should you ever be free of debt, and not a moment before. But there are still different ways to save even if you have creditors to pay each month. We took a look […]

The Importance Of An Emergency Fund

As the last 18 months has shown, life can throw many obstacles your way, and we cannot know what lies around the corner. You may be comfortably off right now, and in a good job. But that lifestyle is not guaranteed. That is why it is always a good idea to have an insurance for […]

Where To Put Your Savings

Where to put your savings? Well, this is not an article about how to change your finances so that you have enough to put aside some money every month. No, we have discussed that before. We thought it might be useful to advise on what to do once you have spare funds. About how to […]

Ways To Save Money

We all want to save money. It’s natural, unless you have more money than sense, to want to make your money go as far as problem. There are a hundred ways to do this, and we’ve had a look at the issue in the past. But we felt it was time to revisit. So with […]

Three Free Things to do in London

When the money is tight, you may need to think about what you can do to stretch it a little further. If a payday loan or lending is not the right option for you, that is understandable. Perhaps therefore you should consider what things you can do for free that will still bring a little […]

A Look At Savings Accounts

For those that have managed to put some money aside, savings accounts are a great way to look after your money, and earn some more on top of what you have saved. Moolr have looked at some of the commonest types of accounts on the market. What is a savings account? For those who have […]

Savings At An All-Time Low?

Here at Moolr we wrote recently about how those not flush with money (which is probably most of us) could move towards a future of actually having money in the bank, of managing to save money. However, recent figures suggest that it is indeed a growing number that don’t have spare money right now. We […]